Art Deco Armchairs

Swedish Antique Art Deco armchairs and club chairs, Biedermeier, Gustavian and Rococo armchairs, bergeres and wing back chairs. We have the largest selection of original Art Deco armchairs in the UK .Prices go from £1250-2500 per pair - some of our antique armchairs are also available singly so do ask.  Please call/email us for prices quoting the SKU number. for prices and further information

Swedish Antique Armchairs  1800-1950

Why choose antique armchairs

Antique armchairs are popular for a very good reason. They have a quality of build and upholstery that just can't be matched in a modern armchair with the cost based shortcuts, use of foam and other 'modern' materials.

The design of the various style of Swedish antique armchairs created such classic shapes that they have been mercilessly copied or parodied by all kinds of modern and reproduction armchair designs. Rarely though do the modern versions have the same level of craftsmanship in their build or such good quality materials in their construction which means that the Swedish antique armchairs last longer, are more comfortable and are more adaptable (and a better investment) than anything you can buy now. Its down to the beautiful craftsmanship with which they were made with the best available materials and upholstery prowess.

The upholstery is paramount

Upholstery in the modern world is a dying art. So many so called upholsterers are just self taught and to really learn the secrets of the Upholstery Trade you need to have served a full apprenticeship with a Master Upholster. Its these tips and techniques that we apply to our antique armchairs to give them the legendary level of comfort that that they have. They generally have fully sprung seats utilising 5" copper coil springs in a string web supported by webbing and topped with layers of horsehair or natural fibre. If you are lucky they will have sprung backs too which is the ultimate in comfort - Antique Gustavian bergeres are a classic example of this type of upholstery construction.

Our own Master Upholsterer (who served a full apprenticeship with a Victorian Trained Master) will reupholster your chosen armchairs in any fabric or leather you like and you can really change the feel of them by updating the upholstery with a modern fabric design. All our antique armchairs generally feature original fully sprung seating for the ultimate in comfort and we can add extra stuffing for you if you wish. 

They are available for sale in the original painted or golden birch veneer wood finishes, but we can also repaint or repolish them to a colour of your choice. 


Art Deco Armchairs

Classic designs from 1920-1950 that work in traditional and modern settings and deeply comfortable with beatiful bentwood arms.

Biedermeier Armchairs

The Biedermeier period from 1820-1920 saw the creation of stunning armchairs fully sprung with highly decorative golden birch and birds eye maple veneers from top of the line french polished finishes in classic biedermeier colour tones and shapes

Gustavian Armchairs and Bergeres

Highly decorative and superbly comfortable armchairs from 1800-1950 in painted and natural wood finishes with sprung seats and backs echoing the French Louis XVI styling adapted to the Swedish Oevre.

Rococo Armchairs

These antique and 1900s armchairs tend to be slightly wider in the seat with cabiole legs and a more curvaceous profile in natural wood and painted finishes. The perfect deep seated lounge or reading armchair

What size do you need?

If you want a wide deep sitting chair that you fall back into you will be better off with a Gustavian or Rococo design. They have taller supportive backs and wider padded seats. The Art Deco provide a very strong visual style statement and are a more snug fit - perfect for a night of fireside chatting or in your cinema. Biedermeier armchairs are more formal and have the amazing quilt and flame or birdseye veneers that create such a feast for the eye.

Choosing a fabric

You can completely change the feel of a pair of antique armchairs by your choice of fabric of leather - a modern fabric brings them bang up to date and makes a very diferent stylistic statement from a more traditional cloth or silk. Leather of course brings a different feel and althought its most suitable for our Art Deco pieces, you can create something very special buy doing a Gustavian style chair in a leather finish


  • Make sure there is no woodworm damage to the frame or previous break to the legs
  • Check whether they are sprung and webbed or have foam interiors
  • Check whether the armchairs need teh stuffing replaced
  • Decide on the height of chair back you want for the way you will use the chairs
  • Work out how much fabric or leather you will need for prices and further information

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