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1946 Handmade Bespoke Art Deco Curved French Polished Bar Engraved Bevel Mirror Early 20th Century

Unique Bespoke Art Deco Curved French Polished Lounge Bar handmade in 1946 for the original owner in st johns wood london and been there ever since it was installed . It has Engraved Bevel Mirrors with engraved deco jazz figures and lots of underbar shelving and storage front and back. Entry is by a lift up lid at the right hand end – very fine french polished veneers complete this unique piece.

Dimensions: Height: 85.04 in. (216 cm)Width: 118.12 in. (300 cm)Depth: 86.62 in. (220 cm)

The bar front itself is approximate 250cm in length including a 50cm pop up flap at the right hand end for entry and the bar back is approximate 260cm long (130cm aside)- there are a row of 4 cupboards with doors under the mirrors at back and 4 open cupboards under the bar top.

The rear bar with mirrors height itself is approximate 216cm tall. The bar top is approximate 1m deep.

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