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Terms and Conditions

  • We do not hold your personal data or credit card details on file
  • We no longer accept payment by credit cards & debit cards- bank transfer or international wire transfer only
  • We do not offer refunds or accept returns for any item once sold – all items are sold ‘as is’
  • We do our best to date items but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the age or description of any item. While we endeavour to make sure items are woodworm free and treat items where necessary with wood worm killer, we cannot guarantee that no wood worm is present especially under items with paint or veneer finishes. We can not accept any responsibility for painted or veneered items that exhibit active woodworm after purchase or any loss or damage associated with that issue.
  • Shipping quotes are valid for 14 days only due to the changing fuel prices – Please note: we are happy for you to arrange your own collections of items. If so we are not responsible for the item once it has been collected by your designated shipper. Your shipper is responsible for wrapping, blanketing, crating or protecting the item you have bought.
  • We can arrange delivery for you by a specialist antique shipper for your item either in the UK or internationally. We act as agent for the shipper only in this respect. We do not accept any liability for the shipment of the item once it has left our premises or any damage during the shipping process. Any problems relating to shipping or damage during shipping need to be addressed to the shipper concerned directly.
  • Item specifications may vary slightly from those mentioned on the website
  • in the case of a ‘goodwill’ return at our discretion , we reserve the right to charge a 30% restock fee + delivery cost back to our storage facility from your location
  • Colours of items may vary slightly from images on website due to changes in photographic reproduction
  • Antique rocking chairs – all our antique rocking chairs are sold ‘as is’ and we do not accept any responsibility for any injury or damage caused by their intentional or unintentional misuse.The 6 Leg chairs rock back safely further than 4 leg rocking chairs and we make it clear that you must put a wedge or block behind the skids to control how far back the chair goes. The rocking chairs are not specified for any particular use and if you choose to use as a maternity chair you do so at your own risk – we accept no liability for any injury or damage caused by your use of the chair.
  • All bespoke items are built to agreed specifications – any changes once work has begun may incur further charges at the rate of £100 p/h +vat
  • The quoted build times for bespoke items are for illustration only and may vary by up to 10 weeks depending on circumstances
  • All payments on bespoke items are non refundable once the build process has begun
  • All deposit payments are non refundable. Should we agree to take a deposit from you to hold a piece of furniture, the deposit is valid for 30 days only. If at the end of that period you have not paid for the item in full, we reserve the right to put the item back up for sale and you will lose your deposit.
  • We provide measurements on the relevant product pages but they are only approximate and errors may be present in the listings. If dimensions are important to you, please ask us and we will remeasure your chosen items to give you exact measurements by email.
  • All Mora clocks are sold as is – they may have been repainted or repaired at some point – you will need a professional set up at your location to set the correct pendulum swing and to get the clock working at your location as they are very susceptible to vibrations during shipping and other changes at your location.If you ask us to arrange to have the mechanisms professionally cleaned and repaired, we only guarantee that the mechanisms are in full working order on dispatch from us.
  • We cannot and do not provide any guarantee over the continued working of the antique clock mechanisms once it has left our premises and we do not refund or accept returns under any circumstances.
  • All antique furniture and antique wood bespoke furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight and in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. We recommend that you invest in a humidifier to use with your furniture.
  • We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by furniture wood movement due to central heating, temperature or humidity variation and we will not accept any returns if wood in your item does move once placed in its new location. This relates to both our antique items and any items we handmake for you in our bespoke workshop.
  • In any case where the client organises their own collection/shipping for an antique or bespoke handmade item, they are responsible for any damage sustained during shipping – Swedish Interior Design does not accept any responsibility for any damage or problem with an item howsoever caused once the item has been handed to a clients nominated shipper.
  • Where upholstery is included in a quoted sale price for an upholstered item, this covers only standard upholstery in a single fabric with scroll gymp. Single or double piping, leather, two tone (ie two fabrics) or other specialist or unusual upholstery will incur an extra charge + vat over and above the agreed sale price.
  • Site and content are copyright Swedish Interior Design