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Swedish Drawers Facts

Antique Swedish Chest of Drawers & Commodes

We specialise in antique biedermeier chiffoniers in stunning honey colour golden birch french polish finishes, chests of drawers and gustavian country drawers.

Our antique Swedish Gustavian and Rococo drawers and commodes tend to have an original or later painted finish with scalloped legs and often reeded detailing on the sides and panels. Very occasionally you also find the drawers with marble or faux marble tops hand painted on wood. Our Antique Biedermeier drawers and chiffoniers usually have a golden birch polished finish with inlaid marquetry.


Generally antique drawers of both types will be between 75-110cm wide and the height can vary from 75-100cm or thereabouts with a depth of between 40-60cm. Antique commodes are likely to be a bit taller with some of the Swedish Biedermeier ones as high as 120cm with the antique chiffoniers reaching as far as 140-150cm tall. Our selection of early 1800s antique Swedish chests of drawers and commodes have been lightly restored and sympathetically repainted in the case of the Gustavian drawers and commodes. These very rare pieces make a great focal point in any room and provide fabulous storage at the same time.

The antique Gustavian chests of drawers and commodes are generally made from pine while the Biedermeier drawers will be golden birch veneers on pine or birch.

Why are Swedish Biedermeier Chiffonier so special?

There’s something about these antique chiffonier that makes you fall in love the instant you see them. Maybe its the proportions? Chunky yet elegant. Or the dazzling golden birch veneers in the rich honey finish that show such depth? Perhaps its the little delicate drawers hidden behind the dropdown desk flap with the ormulu detailing and the tiny bone or ivory handles.

They are brilliant as storage and act as a desk too so you get 2 uses in one go – and they fit anywhere as they are never too wide or too tall. Normally they stand against the wall which is why the back boards usually made of pine do not carry a veneer or a french polish finish – that would be an extravagant waste.