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bespoke 6 door armoire

Its so difficult to find the perfect antique armoire. One that fits your surroundings, your style and most importantly has the right internal space for your storage requirements.

Everyone has unique spaces to fill and vastly different needs so the only way to do that is to have a bespoke armoire or linen press made for you. That’s why clients from around the world come to us.

So whether you have a small alcove, a sloping ceiling, extended skirting or you need a huge but beautiful storage solution - we will design a piece that makes the most of your space. We help you formulate the vision in your minds eye to create a perfectly proportioned bespoke armoire that provides the exactly storage you need in a style you'll love and that’s personalised to your choice of dimensions. That way it will fit the available space exactly and will do all the things you need it to do.

Designing your bespoke armoire and linen press

The process

When creating your armoire there are certain questions we need to ask:

*   What are the dimensions?

*   Does the available room space require special adaptions to size or shape?

*   What design style do you like? Would you like to mix ideas from different periods?

*   What materials shall we use?

*   What finish do you want? Painted, natural wood, lacquer, hi gloss, distressed and antiqued?

*   What are your specialist storage requirements?

*   Do you have any personal features you want incorporated?

*   Shall we mix traditional and modern design features?

*  Do you want soft closing drawers?

*  Do you have any budgetary restrictions?

*  What mix of drawers, shelving and internal hanging would you like?

*  Do you need special storage for specific items?

Once we have the answers to these questions, we can begin the design.

Next Steps

Once we have create the initial armoire or linen press design, we will discuss it with you by email or telephone, making adaptions as required until it is exactly what you want. Then we prepare a full specification for signature and once payment is received we get building.

During the build process we will email you fotos as the armoire comes together so you can see how things are going and we will let you know if we think there are any improvements that can be made that become evident as we put the piece together.


Every armoire is different so once we know what you would like, we will work out a quote for you based on your exact specifications and give you an approximate build time. 

So email or call us now to discuss your perfect bespoke handmade armoire quoting the SKU number if you see a style that you like - all bespoke armoires are quoted for individually based on their individual design specifications. for prices and further information

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