Bedroom Coronet Canopy Half Tester

handmade bespoke antique wood bedroom painted gilt coronet

 Bespoke handmade coronet or half tester

A beautiful handmade coronet, half tester or bed canopy is the perfect way to complete your bedroom. Whether you want a curved coronet, half tester, full tester or carved canopy you just have to ask. We will design for you and hand make them in any shape you like. Simple and country style, grand and heavily decorated, supra modern or canopied with swaying falling reams of delicious fabric.

We design each coronet and half tester uniquely for each client, to their choice of dimensions, colour and finish. So you  get one that is personal to you and that includes the perfect personal touches you can ask for.

If you want an antique classic style, it can be handmade from period woods using carved ornanments and plaster decorations taken from our collection of antique swedish carvings. Something straight out of Versaillesmor the Swedish palaces of Stockholm. Or perhaps you prefer a polished wood half tester othe English style or maybe earlier European Biedernmeier.

We can make any size of half tester, full tester, canopy or coronet and finish it by hand in any colour - as simple or extravagantly carved as you like. It's your to ask and ours to create.

So email or call us now to discuss your perfect bedroom coronet & half tester quoting the SKU number if you see a style that you like - all bespoke coronets are quoted for individually based on their individual design specifications. for prices and further information

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