4 Poster Bed

bespoke handmade 4 poster bed



Bespoke Handmade 4 Poster Bed

A 4 poster bed was historically the style statement of royalty. The big 'I Am' of the bedroom. Stunningly carved and decorated with swooping canopies of decorated fabrics and rich ornate patterning. Wonderful upright posts richly caparisoned andealt tailed for visual effect.

For the ultimate bedroom, its got to be a 4 poster bed - that why our handmade bespoke 4 poster beds are very very special. The pinnacle of the bed making craft - a bed like no other.

Using lovely antique and inert woods and our deep understanding of Swedish antique furniture, we will create in our specialist bespoke workshop, a unique 4 Poster bed in any painted,  gilded, lacquered, polished or natural wood finish you like based on your style choice. It doesn't have to Swedish in style: we can draw on any period or design ethic as the basis for your 4 poster bed or even better create a unique of elements from differs periods (which is always fun from a design perspective).

It could be a simple country painted 4 poster bed in antique pine, a polished oak carved 4 poster jacobean masterpiece, a wonderful hand painted 4 poster bed with elaborate gesso and plaster carvings or a silver gilt californian superking bed richly decorated with silk upholstered headboards. It really is whatever you can envision.

Each time we design a 4 poster bed, we start by understanding what you resonate with on an emotional level and what gives you  great visual pleasure. Then we take into account all the refinements you need for modern living so you have everything you need to hand or hidden away ready for you to access at a moments notice while keeping the feel and beauty of the antique or modern genre you have chosen. We match the visual aesthetic you love with the bedroom needs that you have for underbed storage, entertainment or other more personal needs.

Of course the design is really just a starting pint for the process as the build itself is really organic. Every time we make a 4 poster bed, the piece takes on  life of its own and it suggests changes as we go to make it even better - if it does, we will let you know how we think it shoul dchnage to give you the option include threfine design refinement or stick with the original design.

We also take our time. It's crucial to let piece bespoke bed sit as it comes together to allow the component pieces to find exactly the right place and the glues and paints or polishes to dry and harden correctly. It's well worth the wait. This is a bespoke bed that you will keep forever so its got to be just right!

Please call/email us for prices quoting the SKU number if you see a style that you like - all bespoke beds are quoted for individually based on their individual design specifications.

sales@swedishinteriordesign.co.uk for prices and further information

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