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Bespoke Handmade Country Dresser

Everyone loves an antique  country dresser or linen press but they tend to come in the same roughly the same size. So if you have a big kitchen and want to utlise the available space with a 3.2m x 2.2m dresser (as we were recently requested to design), you need to come to us to create exactly what you need.

This is your chance to have the Country dresser you always wanted but haven't been able to find. Original French and Swedish country dressers are very popular in design terms but they only come in certain sizes so for most people's kitchens you either have to make do with one thats not quite what you need or you can come to us and we will design and hand make you the perfect dresser for your needs. We love to create wonderful antique wood country farmhouse and welsh dressers to any size in our bespoke workshop. They provide in great storage for any room in the house and look amazing into the bargain.

The Design Process

We design each handmade country and welsh dresser to our clients chosen dimensions, as simple or as detailed in design and decoration as you like. It needs to match the ambiance of the room that it’s going to live in and use all the available space in the position that occupies. So we need to design it carefully to maximize the potential and incorporate your personal requirements.

We discuss with you the space available, the utility you need from the dresser and how you will use it on a day to day basis, how to make the most of the available height and so. Its especially important to work out the right selection of drawers, internal cupboards and shelving, open shelving and hanging or display space so that ergonomically your dresser is set up for the best and easiest use.

Then we look to the design considerations to make sure we match your current decor and include all the elements you love in your perfect dresser or  linen press. This can be glass doors with bevel glass, sculpted edged shelving, foor shape, decorative beadings, handles or drawer furniture, soft closing or dove tailed drawers. In terms of finish, we can handpaint and antique our bespoke farmhouse dressers in any colour you choose and can include handpainted floral folk art motifs or any other patterning you desire. Or we can keep it very simple and plain with superb proportions if that’s what you prefer.

So you see this is your chance to get a country dresser that is exactly right for the space you have and that has all the refinements that you need for modern living while retaining a beautiful antique feel and presence.

Please call/email us now quoting the SKU number if you see a style that you like - all bespoke dressers are quoted for individually based on their individual design specifications. for prices and further information

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