Bespoke Drawers

Bespoke handmade antique wood chest of drawers

Bespoke handmade chest of drawers

Our bespoke handmade chest of drawers are pieces of real beauty. Elegant proportions, massive amounts of useful storage, stunning woods and finishes. They do exactly what you need and look exactly the way you want them to. The one shown here is a classic Gustavian styling but we can design in any style you prefer to fit in with your decor and design concepts.

So what do you need to think about when specifying a chest of drawers?

Design ideas

Since we can design and handmake them for you in any size, to your choice of dimensions and with as many drawers as you like, you need to have a really good think about the space they will sit in.

Whats the widest the drawers can be and how deep do they need to be? do you want a few big drawers or a combination of large and small ones? What height is going to work best for you given that the height affects the visual balance of the piece?

What woods do you want us to use and how decorative do you want the drawers to be? do you have any special storage requirements that will need us to design something unusual into the drawers like a secret drawer for instance for keeping your valuables in? What type of ring pulls, cups or other handles do you fancy? Do you want soft closing drawer mechanisms or perhaps cedar linings in each dear to deter moths? 

We can advise you through the myriad of options and once we understand the beautiful drawers that you see in your minds eye, its our pleasure to turn that vision into a reality and hopefully give you a few ideas you hadnt thought of During the process.

The build process

Once the design has been created and agreed, We start by choosing the right timbers for for your bespoke chest of drawers depending on where it is going to live. Usually it's a hardwood frame with either natural wood or inert wood panels. This choice is driven by whether you want the wood to move with seasonal changes and specifically in modern centrally heated environments. Wood is a natural substance and it lives - central heating causes the wood to dry out in the winter which can cause shrinkage to the panels and the wood to split along any 'shakes' in the grain. This is not a problem structurally but if you prefer for the wood not to move them we need to choose top quality inert wood for the panels in your chest of drawers.

There's also no problem if you want to mix woods or have inlaid show wood marquetry in your drawer fronts - tres chic!

In terms of finishes, we are happy to do a handpainted or sprayed paint finish or pne in natural polished or lacquered wood - we love to use 150 year old antique pine which has such a wonderful grain or rich 70 year old antique oak. But we can use any wood you choose or inert woods if you are wooried that teh wood might move if your home is very hot or humid.

So go on - here's your chance to step away from todays world of mass produced far east reproduction and find yourself a furniture masterpiece. A bespoke chest of drawers to last you a life time.

Email or call us now to discuss your perfect chest of drawers quoting the SKU number if you see a style that you like - all bespoke drawers and commodes are quoted for individually based on their individual design specifications. for prices and further information

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