Bespoke Server Tables

handmade bespoke antique wood console server table

Bespoke Handmade Server, Console & Coffee Tables

Our bespoke handmade server & console tables are some of the most popular pieces that we make for clients. These beautiful highly carved and ornamented tables can be made in any size using plaster and gesso mouldings taken from original antique swedish carvings. So they fit perfectly into an interior that has other antique pieces as part of your look, or as a statement piece in an otherwise modern room or in a special colour/ finish to compliment your design vision. 

We also design and handmake stunning coffee tables too in any size or style. See TAB 50 below as an example of one of our recent coffee tables.

Every bespoke server, console or coffee table really is unique to you. You choose the size, scale and grandeur to suit the room that it will go into and then we hand make and finish it in your choice of colour and texture - made from reclaimed antique wood or seasoned hardwoods as you prefer. We are happy to advise on how best achieve the look you want and we can also provide black lacquer, hand gilding and other specialist finishes for you.

Choose a 'city' server table with a flat smooth top, handpainted smooth chalky finish and elegant carvings in any size or width. Or maybe go for a more rustic 'country' server table in a lime wash finish, with a rough planking top, sturdier legs and more rustic mouldings. Perhaps you need a longer handmade bespoke server table for your hallway or gallery or one that is designed to match the grandeur of an antique mirror that you already own. We can design a server table with matching ornaments for example to set off the mirror that will sit astride the table or one that acts as an open front sideboard or longer hallway entrance table complete with built in letter rack and key holder..

The Choice is yours. Since the console server table is completely bespoke to you, it can be made to fit exactly the space you have, in a colour that matches your decor and with the storage you require. The server tables can be as functional as you need - we can have a lower shelf or create cupboard storage below the table with decorated and carved doors. In one case we even created a hidden drawer at the back to hide the keys and other items the client wanted out of site.

We also make a bedside table in similar styles again made up to your requirements with shelving or even doors underneath as you wish. Its often the height of bedside tables that need to be bespoked as our short server tables are a great way to get a beautiful bedside table at teh height you need with the right amount of convenient bedside storage and if you wish with built in lighting too.

Email us now or call us to discuss what you would like quoting the SKU number if you see a style that you like - all bespoke server tables are quoted for individually based on their individual design specifications. for prices and further information

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