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handmade bespoke antique wood gilt desk

Choosing your Bespoke Desk

With the prevalence of home working, discerning clients with an eye for design often ask us to create a desk for that suits both their working needs and their design ethic. It doesnt have to be the big bulky heavy Victorian style desks we remember from our grand parents. Your desk can be large or small, custom made to fit your space and as modern as traditional as you like.

Our bespoke desks are designed to give you the workspace you want to your choice of dimensions and in styling that matches your interior.

They can incorporate any refinements you need, with hidden drawers, lap top supports, architect's backlit drawing boards or lavish handpainted ornamentation. Your wish is our command and this is your chance to create a handmade desk that you will keep forever.

Made to fit in exactly the space you require with love and care - its a desk that does what you need in the 21st century with the antique quality and feel that you love.

So what next?

You need to decide on the folllowing specifications:

*   Desk Type: pedestal, escrotoire or archtitects/draftsmans table

*   Dimensions

*   Woods 

*   Shape style and design: Gustavian, Biedermeier, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Modern, chinoiserie, classic etc

*   Finish : Painted, polished, veneer, marquetry inlaid, lacquered

*   Drawers and shelves - what combinations

*   Decoration and ornamentation

*   Leg shapes

*   Special features: laptop holders, internal uplighting, pencil or brush holders, power points, LCD lighting, special type of storage, hidden drawers, built in screen stand, fold up desk top, pull out cup holders, inlaid leather or graphite worksurface & much more.

We are here to help you decide what you need and guide you to make the right choices that will work best for the way you work and the look of your room.


Every desk is different so email or call us now to discuss your ideas or quoting the SKU number if you see a style that you like - all bespoke desks & writing tables are quoted for individually based on their individual design specifications. Build times will depend on the kind of desk you require. for prices and further information

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