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  • Antique French Madonnas are so beautiful
  • Swedish Antique furniture is for life
Swedish Interior Design

Swedish antiques,Mora clocks,Gustavian,Biedermeier,Art Deco and bespoke furniture. Largest selection in Europe and we ship worldwide.

Some classic pieces of design never go out of fashion and swedish antique art deco armchairs are one such piece of design history. Whatever interior design setting you have in mind , our swedish antique art deco armchairs will blend perfectly with your design ethos. If its a traditional vibe, they will be a perfect match for […]

choosing a bespoke bed – handmade to your specifications

Choosing a bed is one of the most important things you will ever do. Think how much time you spend in it asleep or otherwise 🙂 It has to give you the level of comfort you need to exactly the right proportions for you and your partner while taking into account the roomsize and decorative […]

Antique Swedish Biedermeir Sofas – an ever popular choice for interior design

As fashions ebb and flow there is one constant in design terms that always appeals to design cogniscenti – the formidable antique swedish biedermeier sofa The Swedish Biedermeier style grew out of copying the French Empire  style of the early 1800s just as the Gustavian style was influenced by the Louis XVI furniture from Versailles. […]

Antique Swedish Mora clocks – the best present for 2018

As Swedish antique mora clocks get rare, its a great time to get one for your home. They are inspirational to look at, standing like a guardian angel over your life and give you great joy to look at them. Of course its obligatory to give your clock a name too. What would yours be? […]

Making a Swedish Antique Room lovely to live in

Your private room However big or small your home – you need your own space. Whether it be a corner of a room (you can partition it off with screens for privacy) or a spare room, or a shed outside. You need a place where you can be creative, paint, sing, write and design. One […]

Antique French Madonnas are so beautiful
June 27th, 2017Swedish AntiquesJo Lee 0 Comments

I have fallen in love with the Madonna figurines’ since we moved to France. I have collected so many, they are dotted all over the house. I have three in my bedroom alone and one above the bed for keeping us safe. I find them calming and often feel a wave of peace when I […]

Swedish Antique furniture is for life

I love furniture that has life. Furniture that looks like it could dance right into your arms. Once many years ago I was walking past an antique shop and I spotted this chest of drawers. She had all the curves in the right places. Yes I say she … furniture is definitely defined by its […]

Just a little french with your swedish antiques

Here at Swedish Interior Design we love to bring a little French into the décor, especially since now we have a house here, its hard not to be inspired by the wonderful French way of life. Swedish and French merge so well together. I love marrying the Gustavian pieces with the rustic French. One of […]

Antique art deco armchairs and real classic upholstery

In this day and age of foam seated reproductions made in China and the far east, the art of upholstery is slowly dying. There’s very few places where people can train as a professional upholsterer and chair owners don’t really seem to care anymore whats inside their chairs. Pretty sad really – but at the […]

Gustavian Dining Table Setting

Gustavian Antiques and Fine Dining As the nights draw in, we start lighting fires and candles, having cosy nights in – and maybe, instead of meeting friends outside, we want to entertain them a little at home. I love setting the table for a meal with friends. Cooking slow roast venison stews, cinnamon apples, pumpkins […]

Creating Gustavian Style

They say when you first walk into a house you know whether you want to buy it or not – this was the case for me, with each home I have ever bought in fact, the walls whispered … I am yours .. buy me. The first thing I saw when I walked through the […]

Gustavian antiques & the rustic look

I love mixing the rustic look with the antique swedish Gustavian furniture we source at swedish interior design. Often the best creative images come from happy mistakes and experimentation so its always good to try a few ideas and see what comes out the best. Don’t be afraid to try – there’s always something you can […]

Antique Swedish Art Deco Armchairs

Antique Swedish Art Deco Armchairs are one of my favorite all time design items. There’s something intensely satisfying about their shape, dimensions and design. The beautiful bentwood arms in stunning golden birch veneers are a visual treat with a gracious curve and swoop. . They are simultaneously traditional and modern – the choice of fabric […]

Choosing an antique biedermeier sofa

Choosing an antique sofa is always a difficult proposition. You will have a series of requirements to consider: size, comfort, colour , decoration etc etc and then there is the intangible lust factor that certain pieces will engender that go beyond rational reasoning. Swedish Biedermeier sofas come from one of 2 periods – so called original […]

Antique Swedish Gustavian Furniture Design Pt1

Moving from a flat to a house is a big change that brings enormous scope for creative ideas and lots of things to think about. The house is a classic Gustavian manor house/maison de maitre in France and is the perfect canvas for playing with our Swedish Antiques, Mora clocks and Bespoke furniture.   It […]

Mora Clocks:Homes & Antiques Magazine Article

Its always nice to be featured in the press – Homes and Antiques has featured an article about Antique Mora Clocks featuring clocks from Swedish Interior Design’s unique collection  and based on material provided by Jo Lee Director of Swedish Interior Design. You can see the article here As you may know, we have one of the […]

Creating a Swedish Kitchen with Ecos Paints

Its time for a change – we have had our beautiful country style kitchen for a while now decorated with marmarino plaster and filled with 1800s swedish kurbits antique furniture in reds, ochres, yellows, oranges and rich earthy tones. The worktop and cupboards were all handmade in our bespoke workshop from antique oak.   So […]

Its a Biedermeier Christmas

After years of white furniture dominating the design landscape, things seem to be changing. The Swedish Gustavian style is always going to be popular and with good reason because it is beautiful, wonderfully crafted and elegant. However its increasingly difficult to find authentic original gustavian furniture from 1780-1830 that hasnt been messed around with, ‘restored’ […]

We love antique dressing tables

One of the sad things about our modern busy lifestyle is that we don’t look after and pamper ourselves at home the way we used to. Certainly we manage to fit in regular trips to the beauty parlour, botox and facials, nails eyebrows pedicures etc that the modern WAG culture requires. But its all outside […]

Christmas is coming

Every year we get excited about christmas at Swedish Interior Design. Its the Swedish in us – Swedes love to decorate, party and make christmas a family time. More special than the consumer fest it has become in the UK. So we thought we would give you some ideas for your 2014 christmas planning. It […]

Swedish Interior Design on Latest TV

Swedish Interior Design has been interviewed for Latest TV. We met Drew and Simone from the TV Channel and talked about our interior design Philosophy, how we find our swedish antiques, the gustavian, biedermeier and art deco antiques we sell. We also looked at the worlds largest selection of antique mora clocks that we have […]

Upholstery on swedish antique sofas and armchairs

At Swedish Interior Design we specialise in reupholstering antique sofas, antique armchairs, antique chaise longe and chairs. Its important on these original antiques to honour the way they have been built by master craftsmen back in the day. Our master upholsterer has been sorting out sofas and chairs for over 30 years and is very particular […]

We love happy customers…
November 10th, 2014Older Posts, Tips and TricksJo Lee 0 Comments

Busy time here at Swedish Interior Design. People are definitely in the mood for something Swedish before christmas. We have had mora clocks, biedermeier sofas, art deco armchairs, gustavian mirrors, swedish country tables, farmers rococo chairs, dining tables, gustavian cabinets, rococo cabinets, swedish country tables and box tables and other antique items flying out the […]

Swedish antiques sale at up to 50% off
November 5th, 2014Older PostsJo Lee 0 Comments

Every so often its good to clear the decks to make way for new stock , so during november 2014 we are hosting a special sale of gustavian biedermeier and art deco antiques and mora clocks for our Blog readers. We have about 75 swedish antiques for you to choose from at reductions of 20-50% […]

The joy of making Bespoke furniture

I thought to cheer myself up a grey day by the sea that i’d talk more about the bespoke furniture we handmake in our specialist workshop. One of the things i especially enjoy is the fact that every piece of furniture we create really is truly bespoke. Every one is unique to the client who […]

Bespoke handmade armoires and server tables

We began our bespoke workshop about 8 years ago after repeated requests from clients for antique pieces that did not exits – ie you wont find an original early 1880s gustavian bed in super king size. Mostly our clients have specific requests for their bespoke furniture as they need it to fit a specified space, have […]

new antique swedish furniture stock for august 14

We are always on the look out for interesting swedish antiques to add to our collection. They might be biedermeier, art deco, gustavian or jugent furniture or mora clocks. We don’t normally stock later swedish modern pieces but heres a 1960s round chair that really took my fancy. It has a very cool look and […]

Swedish Gustavian Interiors

We all love the classic Swedish Gustavian style and here’s some stunning new shots of our own swedish gustavian interior design courtesy of jerry phillips at www.exposurehome.com.   Look at all the lovely detail and the way the the colours scheme ( using ecos paints), swedish gustavian antiques ( from swedish interior design) and the bespoke […]

latest swedish antique gustavian sofa and mora clocks

On may 27th, our latest delivery from Sweden will contain some amazing pieces. We all love the Gustavian style and this incredible 1900s Gustavian sofa at 190cm is really special. With classic Gustavian fluted legs and gilt detailing and the classic cane work motifs, it also has carved lion heads on top of the arms […]

More new antique biedermeier furniture finds

Continuing our review of the antique Swedish biedermeier furniture we have coming over to Swedish Interior Design at the end of May.   This time we focus on antique biedermeier dropleaf tables. I love the classic design of these tables. They tend to be about 90cm wide and then extend to around 130cm with the […]

New Swedish Biedermeier Antique Furniture Finds

To continue our review of new swedish biedermeier antique furniture we have on our next UK delivery. 1.Antique Biedermeier Sofa no 1 Lets begin with this amazing antique sofa. Its in great condition with the original fabric and has the classic biedermeier flame golden birch veneers of the period over a birch frame. Its beautifully […]

New Swedish Biedermeier Furniture finds Pt1

As usual we have been searching high and low to find you the most amazing Swedish antiques and we have come up trumps! The stunning honey colours of the flame and quilted golden birch veneers that characterise 1800s and early 1900s Swedish Biedermeier are becoming increasingly popular as the world of design moves on from […]

Sunday Times Interior of the week april 2014

Swedish Interior Design is proud to be featured today as the Sunday Times Interior of the week. Its always great to have our design vision enjoyed by the press – This time its the Sunday Times. The UK’s premier Design column in the national press. enjoy………… Related posts: Antique Swedish Gungstol Rocking Chairs for sale […]

New Swedish Antiques- Gustavian|Mora Clocks|Biedermeier|Rocking Horse

As always we scour Sweden for interesting and tantalising Swedish antique sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs and mora clocks to offer you. It can be hit and miss as most of our antique pieces come from private sellers but we keep our ear to the ground and are usually lucky enough to snap up the best […]

Swedish Interior Design Feature in Period Ideas May 2014

Swedish Interior Design has a 6 page feature in the May 2014 edition of Period Ideas looking at our wonderful interior and discussing how we started the business with some amazing photography. If you are interested in our Swedish antiques and Gustavian furniture do give us a call or email us         […]

Beautiful 1800s Swedish Biedermeier Tables

As fashions change, the ubiquitous whites of the Gustavian era that were purloined into the horrors of shabby chic are finally starting to give way to something new. There is a move back towards natural woods and lighter colours and away from the farrow and ball neutrals that have dominated the market for so long. […]

More Beautiful Gustavian Chests of drawers…

Everyone loves Early Swedish Gustavian Furniture and especially the lovely chests of drawers from the Period. If you remember, the original Karl Gustav reigned in Sweden from late 1700s to the early 1800s and the influence for what has become known as the Gustavian style came from his youth spent at the court of Louis […]

Antique Gustavian furniture – new pieces arriving

In next weeks delivery, We have antique and 1900s Gustavian dining chairs, Gustavian sideboard, Gustavian 3m dining table and other Gustavian furniture pieces arriving that we sourced in Sweden over the Xmas break. Antique Gustavian dining tables and chairs are a superb centre piece for any dining room as you all know. The 1900s gustavian […]

Antique Swedish Gungstol Rocking Chairs for sale

Antique Gungstol Rocking Chairs for sale Next week we receive a new delivery of stunning and original 1800s antique Swedish Gungstol rocking chairs that we sourced in Sweden during pour recent buying trip. We have the largest selection of these super rare rocking chairs in Europe for sale. The antique Gungstol rocking chair is a […]

New 1800s Antique Swedish Mora clocks for sale

In mid february 2014, we receive our next delivery of 1800s mora clocks from Sweden. We spent December travelling throughout Sweden to find you the most exciting examples of antique mora clocks we could find. Its difficult now and very hard to find them but our excellent network of contacts has done us proud. Here’s […]

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