Antique Swedish Gungstol Rocking Chairs for sale

Antique Gungstol Rocking Chairs for sale

Next week we receive a new delivery of stunning and original 1800s antique Swedish Gungstol rocking chairs that we sourced in Sweden during pour recent buying trip. We have the largest selection of these super rare rocking chairs in Europe for sale.

The antique Gungstol rocking chair is a classic of design and emanates from the folk culture of north sweden. They were made in the early mid 1800s and most families would have owned one.

They are usually around 110cm long and 65cm wide and about 100cm high with 6 legs. This makes them very different from other European or US rocking chairs of the period and visually they are unique too.

antique gungstol rocking chair arm

Delicate curved side rails

antique gungstol rocking chair skids

long narrow skids with brass decorative caps

antique gungstol rocking chair spindles

Spindle back poles

antique gungstol rocking chair headboard

Carved headboard

Their curvaceous shape and extra wide seat (when comparing them to other styles of rocking chair) make them superbly comfortable and of course they are amazing to look at as part of an interior design setting.

antique swedish 6 leg gungstol rocking chair
This image shows a very rare 4 leg Gungstol that we own - they very rarely have 4 legs and it does change the rocking balance slightly. On the traditional 6 leg antique gungstol rocking chair, the 6 legs allow you to rock back almost to the horizontal so the rocking chair almost becomes a sort of bed. It takes a little getting used to as you can go back safely much farther than you would expect but its great once you get over the initial hesitation.
You also can control the 'length of the rocking motion by either adjusting the position of your bottom further forward on the rocking chair seat or placing a wooden or rubber door stop under the skid at the point you want it to stop
Pregnancy/Maternity Rocking Chairs
Most of our antique rocking chairs are bought by or for Pregnant or nursing mothers. The extra wide seat allows you to pad out the lower back with extra cushions during pregnancy for aded comfort  and support. Once nursing, you can keep the back pads and add some extra side cushions for supporting the baby in your arms or during feeding.
Some babies of course just like having their own antique rocking chair. We often personalise the antique rocking chairs too by adding the babies name in italic script on the headboard.
1800s swedish antique rocking chair with baby
So if you fancy a gorgeous 1800s antique swedish rocking chair drop us a line as they go very fast-
here's our latest stock:
black flowers antique rocking chair black flowers antique rocking chair
white antique rocking chair white antique rocking chair
natural antique rocking chair natural antique rocking chair
black folk art antique rocking chair black folk art antique rocking chair
black flowers antique rocking chair black flowers antique rocking chair - SOLD


Happy rocking everyone


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