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Swedish Interior Design

Moving from a flat to a house is a big change that brings enormous scope for creative ideas and lots of things to think about.
The house is a classic Gustavian manor house/maison de maitre in France and is the perfect canvas for playing with our Swedish Antiques, Mora clocks and Bespoke furniture.
Gustavian Manor house
It has the classic linear layout noticeable in many 1800s abodes where you can see from one side of the house to the other as all the doors line up – ive always liked that! Good ceiling heights in all the rooms with stunning beams going across the office ceiling where I’m sitting now and into the “Grand Salon” where the ceiling goes to about 4.5m – nice!
The house has a wonderful feel to it that calls out for Swedish Interior Design’s classic style and over the coming weeks, i’ll blog as we do over each room.
Fortunately the house is in great shape – you probably imagine its a grand wreck that needs complete renovation but luckily its in fabulous shape with a beautiful sweeping staircase and beautiful grounds with lots of very old trees including cherry, walnut, lime, silver birch and a 180 year old magnolia that will have the hugest flowers you have ever seen – shame they are not edible!
So where do we start?
Well we were lucky enough to get the house fully furnished so there’s lots of lovely french antique armoires, sofas, chairs and tables to consider – do we keep them, repaint them or let them go?  Difficult to decide when you are surrounded by a heap of moving boxes in every room but as we emerge from the post move period each room is starting to appear as a fresh canvas for us to work with and to decide what stays and what goes.
We also have to consider the colours and we will as usual be using our favorite ecos organic paints throughout the house.
More coming soon…….
you can see pictures of our journey on facebook at

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