In mid february 2014, we receive our next delivery of 1800s mora clocks from Sweden.

We spent December travelling throughout Sweden to find you the most exciting examples of antique mora clocks we could find. Its difficult now and very hard to find them but our excellent network of contacts has done us proud.

Here’s a few pieces you might like – do contact if there’s something you want as they wont last long.


mc79 antique mora clock


1. Rare 1800s antique mora clock by maker Olof Smedburg

Very pleasing traditional shape mora clock with roman numeral clock face and unusual decorative handpainted original designs on the body in an off white paint finish



2. 1810 kurbits folk art Antique Mora Clock 200cm tall – MC75

beautiful original kurbits handpainted folk art mora clock with ornate hood and roman numeral clock face in good condition

223cm antique swedish mora clock


3. 223cm tall Nils Sungbeck antique mora clock

Stuning unusual antique mora clock by maker N Sungbeck with original paint and very unusual hood and roman numeral clock face

225cm antique red mora clock

4. 225cm 1817 antique swedish mora clock in rustic red

tall regal antique mora clock in red with green accents and standard numeral clock face in excellent condition


5. 200cm 1800s AAS mora clock in white and gold

ornate decorated country antique mora clock with roman numeral face in excellent condition

1839 mora clock

6. 1838 country mora clock with star motif

cute 193cm tall country mora clock with star motif on the belly in distressed folk art original paint and a standard numeral clock face

Our antique mora clocks are priced from £1500-4000 + delivery so take a look and find yourself the perfect clock. You can see our full stock at


Article Name
New 1800s Antique Swedish Mora clocks for sale
we preview 6 new 1800s antique swedish mora clocks for sale with worldwide shipping in a variety of colours with original bodies and faces that we are receiving from Sweden in February 2014

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