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Antique art deco armchairs and real classic upholstery

In this day and age of foam seated reproductions made in China and the far east, the art of upholstery is slowly dying. There’s very few places where people can train as a professional upholsterer and chair owners don’t really seem to care anymore whats inside their chairs. Pretty sad really – but at the […]

Antique Swedish Art Deco Armchairs

Antique Swedish Art Deco Armchairs are one of my favorite all time design items. There’s something intensely satisfying about their shape, dimensions and design. The beautiful bentwood arms in stunning golden birch veneers are a visual treat with a gracious curve and swoop. . They are simultaneously traditional and modern – the choice of fabric […]

Swedish Art Deco Armchairs – the epiphany of comfort

Art Deco Armchairs One of the things you find about antique furniture that really makes you wonder about modern practices is how good the construction and upholstery on old furniture is compared to newly made pieces. The Swedish Art Deco armchairs we stock from the 1920s and 30s are beautifully constructed with a handtooled birch […]

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