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choosing a bespoke bed – handmade to your specifications

Choosing a bed is one of the most important things you will ever do. Think how much time you spend in it asleep or otherwise 🙂 It has to give you the level of comfort you need to exactly the right proportions for you and your partner while taking into account the roomsize and decorative […]

The joy of making Bespoke furniture

I thought to cheer myself up a grey day by the sea that i’d talk more about the bespoke furniture we handmake in our specialist workshop. One of the things i especially enjoy is the fact that every piece of furniture we create really is truly bespoke. Every one is unique to the client who […]

Bespoke handmade armoires and server tables

We began our bespoke workshop about 8 years ago after repeated requests from clients for antique pieces that did not exits – ie you wont find an original early 1880s gustavian bed in super king size. Mostly our clients have specific requests for their bespoke furniture as they need it to fit a specified space, have […]

Bespoke Handmade Furniture PT1

Bespoke and Handmade Furniture I thought it would be fun to look at the process we use to design and then build our unique bespoke furniture and in the next few posts we will go into some detail on how the journey unfolds from an idea to a finished piece. Although we started out by […]

Scandinavian Swedish Gustavian Dining Room from Swedish Interior Design

  Here’s a view of the Swedish Interior Design living room as a Gustavian style dining room moodily light by the setting sun. The 1700s antique north swedish country Gustavian Dining Table and matching 1700s antique settles are painted in a white with a touch of blue and we have added the wreath motifs. The longer […]

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