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Design Ideas

I had the honour of being shown around Gustaf Liljencrantz and his beautiful Polish wife's manor house yesterday. This has always been one of my dream houses with its grand entrance and magnificent grounds. Gustaf, who owns the house is

August is a great month in Sweden, relaxed, great weather, happy people and of course the famous crayfish festival. Huge great vats of steaming red crayfish are cooked outdoors and the whole family comes together by the swedish lakeside. The tradition originates

Follow Madeleine Lee on her ewa i walla journey on instagram -         @homewithmadeleinelee A friend of mine introduced me to the work of Swedish fashion label Ewa I Walla about 5 years ago. As soon as her clothes touched my skin I

Linda Leyble's blog is a great resource for design ideas, artistic options and hands on painting concepts. She is a very talented designer, artistic, paint effects guru , blogger and interior designer. As we love her blog, we were interested to

Today i thought we'd have a look at the varying shapes of  Mora Clock belly contours . This is one of the major distinguishing points of the Mora Clock style that sets them apart from other types of English, European and US Grandfather