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Antique Swedish Biedermeir Sofas – an ever popular choice for interior design

As fashions ebb and flow there is one constant in design terms that always appeals to design cogniscenti – the formidable antique swedish biedermeier sofa The Swedish Biedermeier style grew out of copying the French Empire  style of the early 1800s just as the Gustavian style was influenced by the Louis XVI furniture from Versailles. […]

Antique Swedish Art Deco Armchairs

Antique Swedish Art Deco Armchairs are one of my favorite all time design items. There’s something intensely satisfying about their shape, dimensions and design. The beautiful bentwood arms in stunning golden birch veneers are a visual treat with a gracious curve and swoop. . They are simultaneously traditional and modern – the choice of fabric […]

Choosing an antique biedermeier sofa

Choosing an antique sofa is always a difficult proposition. You will have a series of requirements to consider: size, comfort, colour , decoration etc etc and then there is the intangible lust factor that certain pieces will engender that go beyond rational reasoning. Swedish Biedermeier sofas come from one of 2 periods – so called original […]

Creating a Swedish Kitchen with Ecos Paints

Its time for a change – we have had our beautiful country style kitchen for a while now decorated with marmarino plaster and filled with 1800s swedish kurbits antique furniture in reds, ochres, yellows, oranges and rich earthy tones. The worktop and cupboards were all handmade in our bespoke workshop from antique oak.   So […]

Christmas is coming

Every year we get excited about christmas at Swedish Interior Design. Its the Swedish in us – Swedes love to decorate, party and make christmas a family time. More special than the consumer fest it has become in the UK. So we thought we would give you some ideas for your 2014 christmas planning. It […]

The joy of making Bespoke furniture

I thought to cheer myself up a grey day by the sea that i’d talk more about the bespoke furniture we handmake in our specialist workshop. One of the things i especially enjoy is the fact that every piece of furniture we create really is truly bespoke. Every one is unique to the client who […]

New Swedish Antiques- Gustavian|Mora Clocks|Biedermeier|Rocking Horse

As always we scour Sweden for interesting and tantalising Swedish antique sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs and mora clocks to offer you. It can be hit and miss as most of our antique pieces come from private sellers but we keep our ear to the ground and are usually lucky enough to snap up the best […]

Swedish Interior Design Feature in Period Ideas May 2014

Swedish Interior Design has a 6 page feature in the May 2014 edition of Period Ideas looking at our wonderful interior and discussing how we started the business with some amazing photography. If you are interested in our Swedish antiques and Gustavian furniture do give us a call or email us         […]

Beautiful 1800s Swedish Biedermeier Tables

As fashions change, the ubiquitous whites of the Gustavian era that were purloined into the horrors of shabby chic are finally starting to give way to something new. There is a move back towards natural woods and lighter colours and away from the farrow and ball neutrals that have dominated the market for so long. […]

More Beautiful Gustavian Chests of drawers…

Everyone loves Early Swedish Gustavian Furniture and especially the lovely chests of drawers from the Period. If you remember, the original Karl Gustav reigned in Sweden from late 1700s to the early 1800s and the influence for what has become known as the Gustavian style came from his youth spent at the court of Louis […]

Madeleine Lee “From Girl to Woman”: new album release

  Today we celebrate the release of the new album by Madeleine Lee It is available for purchase and down load now at A collection of 10 beautifully crafted songs: “This album is a collection of songs that I’ve written over the past twenty years. it is my journey ‘From Girl To Woman.’ It is […]

A little lace goes a long way ……

Antique Lace Its amazing how far a little piece of lace can go in making a room extra special …. I collect my pieces from Sweden or sometimes source them online … you can get fantastic bundles of lace that way … all handsewn … how amazing when we humans had TIME …. to sew […]

Tomorrow never comes …..

Its true, by the time you get to tomorrow its today …… so live each day to its full …. in the now … in the present … and that means wear those beautiful dresses that you are saving for that special occasion …. because today is a special occasion … everyday is a special […]

More beautiful Swedish antique Loppis finds: lace and dolls……

If ever you are in Katrinholm, Sweden, you must take come time out to visit Helena Johansson at Augusta Antiko. She has a loppis in town and one in the countryside next to her house. Apart from being the most charming woman you could wish to meet, she has the most beautiful pieces and her […]

My life with Ewa I Walla ….

A friend of mine introduced me to the work of Swedish fashion label Ewa I Walla about 5 years ago. As soon as her clothes touched my skin I knew I was hooked. They was just perfect and so close to what i had imagined for my own designs. Quality materials, beautiful embroidered detailing, exciting shapes and silhouettes, […]

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