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Antique Swedish Mora clocks – the best present for 2018

As Swedish antique mora clocks get rare, its a great time to get one for your home. They are inspirational to look at, standing like a guardian angel over your life and give you great joy to look at them. Of course its obligatory to give your clock a name too. What would yours be? […]

Just a little french with your swedish antiques

Here at Swedish Interior Design we love to bring a little French into the décor, especially since now we have a house here, its hard not to be inspired by the wonderful French way of life. Swedish and French merge so well together. I love marrying the Gustavian pieces with the rustic French. One of […]

Gustavian antiques & the rustic look

I love mixing the rustic look with the antique swedish Gustavian furniture we source at swedish interior design. Often the best creative images come from happy mistakes and experimentation so its always good to try a few ideas and see what comes out the best. Don’t be afraid to try – there’s always something you can […]

Mora Clocks:Homes & Antiques Magazine Article

Its always nice to be featured in the press – Homes and Antiques has featured an article about Antique Mora Clocks featuring clocks from Swedish Interior Design’s unique collection  and based on material provided by Jo Lee Director of Swedish Interior Design. You can see the article here As you may know, we have one of the […]

New Swedish Antiques- Gustavian|Mora Clocks|Biedermeier|Rocking Horse

As always we scour Sweden for interesting and tantalising Swedish antique sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs and mora clocks to offer you. It can be hit and miss as most of our antique pieces come from private sellers but we keep our ear to the ground and are usually lucky enough to snap up the best […]

New 1800s Antique Swedish Mora clocks for sale

In mid february 2014, we receive our next delivery of 1800s mora clocks from Sweden. We spent December travelling throughout Sweden to find you the most exciting examples of antique mora clocks we could find. Its difficult now and very hard to find them but our excellent network of contacts has done us proud. Here’s […]

mora clocks- mechanisms and set up guide PT1

One question we always get asked by our clients is how do we set up our mora clock mechanism or should we go electric? Unlike English clocks of the period with their precision made mechanisms, the Swedish mechanisms are extremely crude and functional – they give clock repairers nightmares! Whereas the english ones can be […]

Mora Clock Belly Shapes

Today i thought we’d have a look at the varying shapes of  Mora Clock belly contours . This is one of the major distinguishing points of the Mora Clock style that sets them apart from other types of English, European and US Grandfather clocks. The whole concept of Mora Clocks is built around the fertility goddess shape […]

Swedish Antique Mora Clocks – Crown Decorations (Part 2)

Yesterday we looked at some examples of the decorative styles used on some of the simpler country Mora Clocks from the early 1800s that we have in stock at Swedish Interior Design. While most country Mora Clocks were the prized possession of poorer families and often give as a wedding present, they necessarily because of cost and limited […]

Swedish Mora Clocks – looking at Crowns (Part 1)

One of the things i love about Mora Clocks is how they vary so widely in build, stature and decorative effect – vive la difference! Every Swedish Mora Clock has an entirely different series of decoration and mouldings depending entirely on the whims of the maker on the day or the request of their patron. There’s […]

Swedish Gustavian Furniture: a brief history

  Gustavian (c 1770-1785) The Gustavian furniture style was born in the late 1700s in the reign of King Gustav of Sweden who came to the throne in 1772. As a teenager he had attended the court of Louis XVI in Versailles and learnt a passion for furniture. He brought the stylings of the French […]

It’s all in the detail: Mora Clocks & Swedish Hearts

One of the things we strive for in creating a room is to have multiple visual tableaux that draws the eye wherever you look but without it becoming overkill or eye fatiguing I love it when clients look around a room we have designed/furnished for them and they spot one of our little detailed setups […]

How to choose a Swedish Antique Mora Clock

  So you have decided to buy a swedish Mora clock. You have probably been thinking about it for a while and now its time to get yourself a pressie. How do you decide? Antique Mora clocks come in all shapes and sizes and colours so there’s bound to be one for you. As they […]

Scandinavian Swedish Gustavian Dining Room from Swedish Interior Design

  Here’s a view of the Swedish Interior Design living room as a Gustavian style dining room moodily light by the setting sun. The 1700s antique north swedish country Gustavian Dining Table and matching 1700s antique settles are painted in a white with a touch of blue and we have added the wreath motifs. The longer […]

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