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Antique Swedish Biedermeir Sofas – an ever popular choice for interior design

As fashions ebb and flow there is one constant in design terms that always appeals to design cogniscenti – the formidable antique swedish biedermeier sofa The Swedish Biedermeier style grew out of copying the French Empire  style of the early 1800s just as the Gustavian style was influenced by the Louis XVI furniture from Versailles. […]

Antique Swedish Mora clocks – the best present for 2018

As Swedish antique mora clocks get rare, its a great time to get one for your home. They are inspirational to look at, standing like a guardian angel over your life and give you great joy to look at them. Of course its obligatory to give your clock a name too. What would yours be? […]

Just a little french with your swedish antiques

Here at Swedish Interior Design we love to bring a little French into the décor, especially since now we have a house here, its hard not to be inspired by the wonderful French way of life. Swedish and French merge so well together. I love marrying the Gustavian pieces with the rustic French. One of […]

Creating Gustavian Style

They say when you first walk into a house you know whether you want to buy it or not – this was the case for me, with each home I have ever bought in fact, the walls whispered … I am yours .. buy me. The first thing I saw when I walked through the […]

Antique Swedish Gustavian Furniture Design Pt1

Moving from a flat to a house is a big change that brings enormous scope for creative ideas and lots of things to think about. The house is a classic Gustavian manor house/maison de maitre in France and is the perfect canvas for playing with our Swedish Antiques, Mora clocks and Bespoke furniture.   It […]

Swedish Gustavian Interiors

We all love the classic Swedish Gustavian style and here’s some stunning new shots of our own swedish gustavian interior design courtesy of jerry phillips at   Look at all the lovely detail and the way the the colours scheme ( using ecos paints), swedish gustavian antiques ( from swedish interior design) and the bespoke […]

latest swedish antique gustavian sofa and mora clocks

On may 27th, our latest delivery from Sweden will contain some amazing pieces. We all love the Gustavian style and this incredible 1900s Gustavian sofa at 190cm is really special. With classic Gustavian fluted legs and gilt detailing and the classic cane work motifs, it also has carved lion heads on top of the arms […]

More new antique biedermeier furniture finds

Continuing our review of the antique Swedish biedermeier furniture we have coming over to Swedish Interior Design at the end of May.   This time we focus on antique biedermeier dropleaf tables. I love the classic design of these tables. They tend to be about 90cm wide and then extend to around 130cm with the […]

New Swedish Biedermeier Antique Furniture Finds

To continue our review of new swedish biedermeier antique furniture we have on our next UK delivery. 1.Antique Biedermeier Sofa no 1 Lets begin with this amazing antique sofa. Its in great condition with the original fabric and has the classic biedermeier flame golden birch veneers of the period over a birch frame. Its beautifully […]

New Swedish Biedermeier Furniture finds Pt1

As usual we have been searching high and low to find you the most amazing Swedish antiques and we have come up trumps! The stunning honey colours of the flame and quilted golden birch veneers that characterise 1800s and early 1900s Swedish Biedermeier are becoming increasingly popular as the world of design moves on from […]

New Swedish Antiques- Gustavian|Mora Clocks|Biedermeier|Rocking Horse

As always we scour Sweden for interesting and tantalising Swedish antique sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs and mora clocks to offer you. It can be hit and miss as most of our antique pieces come from private sellers but we keep our ear to the ground and are usually lucky enough to snap up the best […]

More Beautiful Gustavian Chests of drawers…

Everyone loves Early Swedish Gustavian Furniture and especially the lovely chests of drawers from the Period. If you remember, the original Karl Gustav reigned in Sweden from late 1700s to the early 1800s and the influence for what has become known as the Gustavian style came from his youth spent at the court of Louis […]

Antique Gustavian furniture – new pieces arriving

In next weeks delivery, We have antique and 1900s Gustavian dining chairs, Gustavian sideboard, Gustavian 3m dining table and other Gustavian furniture pieces arriving that we sourced in Sweden over the Xmas break. Antique Gustavian dining tables and chairs are a superb centre piece for any dining room as you all know. The 1900s gustavian […]

New 1800s Antique Swedish Mora clocks for sale

In mid february 2014, we receive our next delivery of 1800s mora clocks from Sweden. We spent December travelling throughout Sweden to find you the most exciting examples of antique mora clocks we could find. Its difficult now and very hard to find them but our excellent network of contacts has done us proud. Here’s […]

Finds at the Swedish Loppis ….

A Swedish Loppis is similar to the French brocantes and the flea markets we find in England. Within them a trove of treasures just waiting to be found. With a patient eye you can source real delights. The Swedes hold many Loppis within their houses, be it down in their cellars or in one of their […]

Grand Gustavian Sofas are beautiful for everday living

Antique Gustavian Sofas – a beautiful investment One of the things people forget in the whirl of todays fast changing consumer lifestyle, is that great things are made to last. While its easy to drop into a big sofa store and buy a modern squooshy sofa, in a few years it will start to fall […]

Swedish Gustavian Manor House

I had the honour of being shown around Gustaf Liljencrantz and his beautiful Polish wife’s manor house yesterday. This has always been one of my dream houses with its grand entrance and magnificent grounds. Gustaf, who owns the house is a wonderful character with an expansive knowledge of the history of Sweden. We spoke of […]

Crayfish Party ….

August is a great month in Sweden, relaxed, great weather, happy people and of course the famous crayfish festival. Huge great vats of steaming red crayfish are cooked outdoors and the whole family comes together by the swedish lakeside. The tradition originates in Sweden, where a crayfish party is called a Kraftskiva.   Everyone gathers […]

Swedish Inspirations

Continuing my travel through the inspirational vistas of Sweden, after lying on the altarn at the back of my parents house working on my novel , I decided to take photos of the wonderful woods and lawns surrounding it. This is the view from the side of the house … See how the classic reds […]

Sweden …..Home is where the heart is Pt1

As Im taking a 2 week writing trip in Sweden, I thought I’d share some of the wonderful things about this beautiful country that fill me with joy and are the inspiration behind much of the design work we do at Swedish Interior Design. Beautiful Sweden, my homeland. Although I have never lived here all […]

Scandinavian Swedish Bedroom designed by Swedish Interior Design

In designing this bedroom space, we wanted to create a holistic sanctuary using organic non toxic paint in a custom colour that goes from an off white in strong light through to a cool light blue in shadow. The centre piece is the Bespoke bed we we made with matching bespoke coronet – it started […]

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