Finds at the Swedish Loppis ....

A Swedish Loppis is similar to the French brocantes and the flea markets we find in England. Within them a trove of treasures just waiting to be found. With a patient eye you can source real delights. The Swedes hold many Loppis within their houses, be it down in their cellars or in one of their out- house's or sometimes even in their living rooms.

I love to enter that dusty, under lit room, trail my hands across things forgotten, left behind, all things past. I wonder who they belonged to. So often you can feel the love coming out of the items; old photos, hand sewn lace, embroider table clothes, paintings, poems, hand spun dresses .... I found this beautiful dress from the fifties and use it as a decoration in my dressing room.... just by adding a few flower and lace to it I bring it to life again

blue lace antique dress blue lace antique dress

These rolls of fabric are strips of old clothes ready to be woven into rag rugs of the best ways to recycle worn out clothes. Traditionally cloth is used a weft, or cross wise filler in the rug ... the result is colourful and of course full of memories if the clothes were worn with love ..... I have a rug in Sweden woven by my grandmother ... I am probably walking over her old underwear and skirts ... I think its kind of romantic really ...

rolls of antique fabric rolls of antique fabric

To find out more on how to weave rugs you can go here

antique pram with lace trim antique pram with lace trim

Or maybe its a old vintage pram you are after .... or lace...

toy chair and lace toy chair and lace

I found these pieces of lace which I will later sew onto muslin to make bloomers .... I found this dolls chair too... just beautiful.

toy bear and antique childs gown toy bear and antique childs gown

It is now home to emperor bear ... I feel the need to bow to him as I pass ... so grand he looks in his vintage lace shirt and special Loppis found chair ......more on Loppis's at the end of the week ... with love Madeleine x





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