It's all in the detail: Mora Clocks & Swedish Hearts

gustavian carving on a bespoke table from gustavian carving on a bespoke table from

One of the things we strive for in creating a room is to have multiple visual tableaux that draws the eye wherever you look but without it becoming overkill or eye fatiguing

I love it when clients look around a room we have designed/furnished for them and they spot one of our little detailed setups - 'aaaaah', 'oooooooh thats lovely ' 'what a lovely detail' etc etc.

So while there the main elements of a room need to be harmonious, its fun to play around with using small pieces in unusual ways or counterpointing with colour or shape.

A perfect example is the Swedish Interior Design bedroom:

The bespoke server table we handmade (above) is a great example of form and function - its 6' long and is an impressive statement piece, but at the same time when you get close, the antiqued wood grain in the old pine and the curvaceous detailing of the old moulding really draw your line of site.

swedish lace heart swedish lace heart

Here's a handwound lace heat that we created to hang from the centre of the already glamorous bedhead to echo the wooden heart motif we had included on the bespoke bedhead and focus the eye on the central detail.

antique gustavian settle carving antique gustavian settle carving

On this handmade bespoke antique settle we made from antique pine, the central urn carving (on an already luxuriously decorated piece) really pops out as interesting detail especially with the antiquing and distressing.

bedside table decoration with mora clock face bedside table decoration with mora clock face

Then the bedside table is ornamented by the mora clock face used a decoration ( and timepiece) matched to a small metal mannequin and more swedish lace.

So when you look around the room see where you can introduce small elements that will really pop out visually and give you a thrill every time you see them.

Jo Lee is Director of Swedish Interior Design


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