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Swedish Interior Design

To continue our review of new swedish biedermeier antique furniture we have on our next UK delivery.
1.Antique Biedermeier Sofa no 1antique swedish biedermeier sofa 1
Lets begin with this amazing antique sofa. Its in great condition with the original fabric and has the classic biedermeier flame golden birch veneers of the period over a birch frame. Its beautifully constructed by master artisans and finished in a light honey stain with ormulu detailing on the arms and above the feet.
They dont make sofas like this anymore! I love the curved feet and the shape of the arms that accentuate the movement in the wood grain. The honey finish makes it positively 3D in appearance.
With the full upholstered seat, this biedermeier sofa clocks in at approx 227cm long making it great for lying across like a chaise longue as well as side by side seating.
2.Antique Biedermeier Sofa no 2
antique biedermeier sofa 2
Another classic biedermeier sofa shape of the period with detailed decorative spray motifs under the arms.
With a similar foot shape, it has a more architectural feel to the design of the antique sofa back and again has a wonderfully comfortable fully sprung seat which is a little deeper than the other sofa.
The original fabric is in quite condition giving it a classic feel but it would look equally good in a modern strong print too or even leather. The golden birch veneers are top quality and finished in a mid oak stain.
3.Rare Swedish Art Deco Desk
swedish antique art deco desk
swedish antique art deco desk inside
Wow – we don’t find these every day!
Antique art deco desks in Sweden are as rare as rocking horse **** – i was really excited to find this one and in such great condition too.
Master cabinet maker made with top grade golden birch quilted veneers over a birch frame – it has the classic greco roman intarsia marquetry inlays in the doors which must have taken ages to do by hand. It doesn’t get much better than this.
4. Antique Biedermeier Dropleaf Table
antique biedermeier drop leaf table 2
Beautiful Biedermeier drop leaf table that extends from around 90cm wide to 130cm wide.
Look at the tiger stripe in the golden birch veneers on the feet and main column and how its is echoed in the table top.
Amazing piece of gorgeousness and so practical too – whether its a hallway, occasional or writing table it will shine its light across the room you place it in and be a real focal point.

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