Swedish Antique Mora Clocks - Crown Decorations (Part 2)

Yesterday we looked at some examples of the decorative styles used on some of the simpler country Mora Clocks from the early 1800s that we have in stock at Swedish Interior Design.

While most country Mora Clocks were the prized possession of poorer families and often give as a wedding present, they necessarily because of cost and limited materials were much simpler in terms of decoration - some not even having a Mora Clock glass in the hood to save money.

The decoration in the country countries came more from decorative paint rather than carved detailing.

Mora Clocks for city folk, or the richer families in the country however were much more ornate featuring both a variety of hand carved embellishments as well as extravagant gilded patterns and handpainted scenes.

The Mora Clocks were the show off swedish clocks of their generation - ones with the Wow factor - that the owners could brag about and show their guests how cultured they were and what great taste they had.

So in terms of the decorative hoods, you would see much finer carved crowns in different styles, side curved glass plates in the hood sides so you could see the mechanism working and 'convex bowl glass' on the front.

white & gold 225cm antique mora clock white & gold 225cm antique mora clock


First of we have a very grand tall Mora Clock finished in white with very detailed gold painted designs on the body and hood. It has a similar ribbed crown to the white Mora Clock we looked at yesterday but  thinner and more delicately styled. Again this swedish clock has has the top cut back slightly ( to help it meet a lower ceiling). The gold paint accentuates the ribbed design and gives  Mora Clocks like this one a most regal feel to match its extremely curvaceous body shape.

white 220cm antique mora clock white 220cm antique mora clock

Next we have a 225cm tall white very ornate Fryksdall style Mora Clock with acanthus leaf decoration surmounted by a strange triangular box shape motif. It looks great on this Swedish clock and we've never seen another one quite like it. It sets off the other decorative mouldings superbly giving the antique clock a gentle elegance. I hope Vicki enjoys this clock in her Devon home.

The Fryksdall swedish clock incidentally is a sub genre of Mora Clocks that has specific elements: an exaggerated belly and tiny waist, scroll motifs and more.We'll look at Fryksdall Swedish Clocks specifically another day.

_MG_0488 - Version 3

Here's a totally different approach to a Mora Clock hood design - this swedish clock has an extremely ornate painted body with all sorts of decorative features and would have been most prestigious types of Mora Clocks. The crown is also nautical in theme and curves gracefully around the hood in a multi level cornice. Again we havent seen another one like this in our collection of 60 Mora Clocks for sale. Although its aged fairly strongly, the patinated original paint looks fantastic and gives the clock total gravitas.

225cm antique swedish mora clock in black with gilt handpainting 225cm antique swedish mora clock in black with gilt handpainting

Since we are on a black and gold them, this antique Mora Clock standing about 210m tall had a mad almost bouffant crown. It kind of reminds me of liberace's bouffant hair (if youve seen the michael douglas film!). The flames carved into the crown are picked out by the gold paint for a great 3D effect and it counterpoints the detailed gold designs that decorate the extremely curvy body shape. Its definitely the crown though that grabs your eye on this Mora Clock. This now lives with Svetlana in Forest Hill.

1800s swedish bridal mora clock 1800s swedish bridal mora clock

This beauty is an extremely rare Jamtland Bridal 1800s swedish bridal 1800s swedish bridal Mora Clock . It has this very special and delicately sculpted bridal rose bouquet on the crown as a focal point sitting on a narrow plinth. Its a fine piece fo hand carved history and a very unusual swedish clock that now happily resides with Zena and Nick in London.

sunrise sunburst mora clock sunrise sunburst mora clock

We couldnt leave the topic of antique Mora Clock crowns without looking at my personal Mora Clock. The Sunrise princess! This is the most ornate carved hood decoration we have come across with delicately sculpted streams of sunlight bursting from the central greek temple motif. It looks amazing in person and resides in the Swedish Interior Design living, standing imperiously next to the bay windows of our balcony.

The rest of this antique 225cm antique swedish Mora Clock is actually fairly plain in decorative terms but as it stands at 250cm - it is a really imposing example of an antique swedish clock.

So I hope you've enjoyed our little foray into the world of Mora Clock hoods and their decorations - dont forget to check all 60 of our mora clocks for sale. There's bound to be one you love and we ship anywhere in the world.

Jo Lee is Director of Swedish Interior Design

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