Swedish Art Deco Armchairs - the epiphany of comfort

swedish art deco armchair swedish art deco armchair

Art Deco Armchairs

One of the things you find about antique furniture that really makes you wonder about modern practices is how good the construction and upholstery on old furniture is compared to newly made pieces. The Swedish Art Deco armchairs we stock from the 1920s and 30s are beautifully constructed with a handtooled birch frame and fully sprung with 5 copper coil springs, fully webbed support and deep seating stuffed with horsehair and natural fibre. NO foam, NO cheap materials, NO modern padding.

This provides the art deco armchairs with the most comfortable seat and chair back you can imagine - perfect for watching movies in your home cinema, reading or chatting the night away.

The bentwood arms are a special feature of antique swedish art deco armchairs too - finished in black lacquer or polished woods. This gives them the unique supra modern silhouette that designers love and they take modern and traditional fabrics equally weel. So they can look completely cutting edge or very traditional depending on how you finish them.

Look at the lovely curves of the art deco armchair above - its a total design classic. As always, the fabric is set off by classic single piping although its often the case that you would make the piping in a different colour known as 'contrast piping' like this art deco armchair upholstered in leather.

white leather art deco armchair white leather art deco armchair


black arm art deco armchair in white leather black arm art deco armchair in white leather

You can also find them with black arms which looks great against leather like this one

So if you want the best sitting experience in the world - Swedish Art Deco armchairs are the only way to go.

You can check out our current stock here if you fancy one - don't forget we can ship them anywhere in the world.

Jo Lee is Director of Swedish Interior Design

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