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Swedish Interior Design

Antique Swedish Biedermeier sofas
Whenever you are designing a living room, the sofa element is one of the key choices that will define your setting.
With so many sofas now full of toxic foam and made in china (even when rebadged in europe), more and more discerning people are returning to the traditional values that you find in Swedish Biedermeier sofas.
So what are these values?
Firstly they are constructed from proper wood that was allowed good time to grow and was properly dried unlike the modern fast grown wood that is pressganged into service too soon. That means the sofa frame or chassis is strong dense and reliable – it won’t move or fall apart like a modern sofa which the manufacturer wants to you to replace every 5 years.
Secondly the veneers that were used on antique Swedish Biedermeier sofas were top notch – cherrywood, maple, quilted golden birch and swirling mahogany – and hand applied with great craftsmanship round every curve and elegant fold of the sofa frame with very beautiful results.
Third, the seat ( the most important area of the sofa) was built over a next of 5″ copper coil springs held in place by twine and supported a bed of stuffing or straw – we replace the original straw with natural stuffing and horsehair with layers of cortel and white felt to create a firm but super comfy sitting position. With springs you never get the sag that you get after a couple of years in foam where it loses its elasticity and starts to crumble!
Fourth, the sofa back is usually a thick pad of stuffing/straw/cortel/white felt supported by webbing so it really supports your back when you sit with enough give for you to lounge back in great comfort.
Finally they take both modern and traditional fabrics really well and as the sofa shapes span the divide between traditional and modern design, the Swedish Biedermeier sofas will work in also every design scenario you can think of depending on your choice of fabric or covering.
Check out europe’s largest stock of original Swedish Biedermeier sofas here. Remember we ship worldwide and we can reupholster your chosen sofa in any fabric or leather you provide.

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