Antique Hemp Linen Fabric Rolls

 antique striped hemp linen rolls for prices and further information

We have over 1000m of wonderful striped antique hemp linen in a variety of colours and in rolls varying from 5m-25m long.

The antique hemp linen rolls have single or multiple stripes and colours include red, burgundy, black, ornage, caramel, yellow, green & blue.

The background colour varies from a light biscuit to a deeper beige and the weave can be flat or herringbone.

Every roll is unique and each has a different weight and texture - very soft with a loose weave, slighlty stiffer with a medium weight and weave or heavier weight with a rougher feel.

The antique hemp linen can be used for making cushions and soft furnishings, upholstering furniture, making roman blinds, rugs and runners for hallways or stairwells and we also have about 60 antique hemp linen grains sacks available in a variety of stripes. Great for laundry bags, storage or decorative use.

The antique hemp linen is available to be purchased by the metre or complete roll and we can have it drycleaned for you for an extra charge if you prefer. Its a great eay to bring colour, texture and vibe into your home.

Call/email us now for our current stock and to discuss prices depending on the colour stripe and weight of cloth.

We will shortly present a gallery of the available individual hemp linen rolls - until we do, let us know what colours you like and can email you example fotos of various rolls that suit your requirements.

We also have about 10 rolls of antique natural hemp linen in a variety of weave patterns and weights. Let u sknow what you are looking for. for prices and further information

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