Master Upholstery Service

antique swedish chair upholstery

Our master upholsterer has 30 years experience reupholstering the finest antique furniture.

We only use the best possible materials including copper coil springs, black and white webbing, natural fibre and horsehair stuffing and we do not cut any corners.

We only provide the 'best of the best' when it comes to reupholstering your furniture. It makes it more expensive but its worth it. 

Many 'upholsterers' are self trained and working to the minimum specifications.

We will only undertake an upholstery job or even a complete rebuild if we are able to do it properly. The old fashioned way.

Attention to detail is the key to good upholstery and using only the very best materials.

Once you've sat on one of our sprung upholstered seats, you realise that using foam and other poor quality materials just doesnt cut it.

We can reupholster any type of antique furniture in any fabric you desire including single and double piping, fluted backs and more.

We work with leather upholstery too and contrast piping- recently we reuphostered a pair of leather seat squabs for a 1907 racing car - that was fun.

Upholstered headboards and upholstered footboards are no problem with deep buttoning and we have a very special reupholstery / rebuilding service specifically for antique chesterfield sofas and armchairs.

Contact us now to find out more about our master upholstery service. for prices and further information

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