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Antique Restoration Repolishing & Repainting Services

Restoration for Swedish Biedermeier, Art Deco & Gustavian Furniture

We offer a specialist restoration service for antique painted and veneered or french polished furniture. Our master restorer is happy to provide you with a quote to repair or renew any of your antique furniture pieces.

We can touch up small damage or restore more major problems whether structural or with the finish.

With show wood furniture, we can bring new life to tired finishes or we can strip and repolish the entire finish for you in a colour of your choice or even re-veneer the piece as a whole and give it a full repolish in a fresh colour.

Furniture Repainting & Respray

We also offer a repainting service for painted furniture with spray or handpainted finish options using only top marque paint brands.. We can also antique and distress your furniture pieces or add gilding or faux marbling.

It will breathe new life into your furniture and surroundings.

Mora Clock Restoration & Repainting

We specialise in the restoration and repainting of antique 1800s swedish mora clocks . As Europe’s leading experts in Mora Clocks, we know exactly how best to sensitively restore your mora clock structurally and in terms of the paint finish. We can also comnpletely repaint them for you to match the colours in your home or to freshen up the clock.

All the 1800s mora clock restoration and repainting is done by hand by our expert restorers and each clock is given a full structural check up with wood work repairs undertaken as necessary. We can restore your clock in its current form or give it a completely different feel depending on what you want done. So we can match your mora clock to your decorative design ethic while retaining its antique feel.

We can even repaint your mora clock face if the enamel finish is tired or damaged to perfect your mora clock and of course fit a battery or chiming battery mechanism for you too.

You need to contact us for a quote if you would like us to repaint your clock in a colour of your choice – clock repaints start at around £800 and full repaint of a mora clock faced are charged at £695.

We can also fit a chiming battery mechanism for you if you are fed up with your mora clock stopping and needing constant attention.

Here’s an example of an 1800s swedish antique mora clock before and after our repainting for a client.


1800s mora clock before repainting


after picture repainted 1800s mora clock