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Swedish Chairs Facts

Antique Swedish Dining Chairs

 Types of antique chairs for sale

Between 1780 and 1950 you will find various types of chairs made in Sweden.

Gustavian Chairs

Everyone is familiar with the classic Gustavian chairs that have been so mimiced by modern stylists. Very refined with lovely decorative carvings and fluted or in thr case of the Rococo style cabriole legs. The earlier ones have webbed seats with horsehair pads while the post 1940s Gustvan Chairs tend to have trap seats.

Biedermeier Chairs

These chairs will have french polished golden birch or birds eye maple veneers with a lovely shiny finish and generally webbed seats with horsehair pads. Often with teh rounded ears at the chair back that are a classic Swedish Biedermeier element. They may also have ormulu decoration on some styles.

Farmers Rococo Chairs

These are taller than the other styles and are a mixture of the Country and Rococo styles. The higher backs make them very suitable for seating larger guests and they still look elegant because of the curve of the cabriole legs.

Art Deco Chairs

Made from the early 1920s onwards, these chairs are polished to a lighter honey tone with golden birch or show wood veneers and may have marquetry inlays in them following the Greco Roman ‘Intarsia’ style. They are now very rare and collectable.

Swedish Country Folk Art Chairs

The Folk Art movement in the 1800s in Sweden was very popular including a number of styles such as Kurbits and Jamtland emanating from different parts of Sweden. The designs are far more ‘country’ in appearance with great character and embellishment and used a wide selection of primal colours to make them very decorative depending on the folk art style. 

Kurbits for example majors in rich browns, russets, ochres, reds, greens, yellows and oranges while the polychromatic jamtland finishes tend towards the blues light blues and light reds.

They all feature original webbed or trap seating for the ultimate in comfort and real craftsmanship is displayed in their lovely styling & highly carved decorative motifs.

Upholstery for Swedish antique chairs

Our master upholsterer can reupholster for you in any fabric or leather you provide. We will tell you how much we need and help you choose. In reupholstering the antique chairs, we stay true to their original construction using only the best natural fibre and horsehair stuffing, black and white webbing and copper coil springs.

Sets or Singles

We generally sell our Swedish antique chairs pairs of sets of 4,6,8 and rarely 10, 12 04 14. We can often find a single chair for you tho if thats what you are looking for.