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Biedermeier Furniture

Swedish Biedermeier antique furniture for sale UK USA from 1800s & early 1900s in stunning golden birch & rare mahogany veneers.

Swedish Biedermeier sofas & couches, Biedermeier chairs & tables, Biedermeier dining chairs & carver chairs, Biedermeier drawers & desks, Biedermeier chiffonier & Art Deco bar, Biedermeier dining tables & cabinets, Biedermeier Chaise Longe & more.

All Biedermeier seating ships in the original fabric ready for you to upholster or we can offer a full reupholstery service for an extra charge if you provide the fabric. All Biedermeier pieces will be re-polished for you prior to shipping. We specialise in shipping to the USA and Canada.

Please call/email us for prices quoting the SKU number.

Biedermeier Furniture SALE NOW ON JAN FEB 2022

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