Gustavian Dining Chairs

Here's our current stock of antique 1800s and 1900s Gustavian dining chairs fresh from Sweden in sets of 4, 6 and 8. We offer a full reupholstery & repainting service for our Gustavian dining chairs.

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Antique Gustavian Dining Chairs

Gustavian dining chairs were first made in Sweden around 1780 and are based on the French Louis XVI style that was adapted to Swedish more conservative tastes. These antique Gustavian  dining chairs are usually found in muted shades of white and grey often in a distressed or scraped paint finish with a plethora of carved visual detailing including flower rosettes, scalloped and fluted legs.

The Gustavian dining chairs have the perfect balance of decoration and simplicity which helps them fit into any traditional or modern design scenario. They are very comfortable to sit on too - the older 1800s antique dining chairs from the Gustavian period will have a webbed seat and be slightly smaller than the later ones with the 1900s dining chairs (owned by almost every family in Sweden) fitted with pop out trap seating making them very easy to upholster or make the seat more padded for additional comfort.

There are a number of designs in the classic Gustavian canon: Axet, Leksand, Roseback, Rosen, Shieldback, Bellman, Svenska, Farmers Rococo, Carve Top, Square Back and Padded Back. They all share the same design ethos and construction (and apart from the Farmers Rococo or Bonde style) they usually have the same classic leg with carved detailing and its mainly the seat back and upper carvings that differ.

The Farmers Rococo dining chairs are taller than the standard Gustavian style dining chairs and more sturdy making them a cross breed between the classic Gustavian and the more simplistic country style of northern Sweden.

We specialise in making up mixed sets of these Gustavian painted dining chairs for our clients – the legs and the seats are very similar but the different back shapes which will break up the formality of a set of the same design and we offer a full upholstery and repainting service too. So you can have mixed upholsteries, dining chairs painted in any colour or to match your dining table - whatever you wish.

We have pairs and sets of 2, 4, 6 & 8 dining chairs available but can source lager sets of up to 16 on request (although they are much harder to find). for prices and further information

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