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Here's our current stock of Swedish antique Biedermeier sofas for you to choose from - we offer a full reupholstery service. Please email/contact us now for prices quoting the SKU number of the Biedermeier sofa you like. for prices and further information

Antique Biedermeier Sofas for sale

Wonderful look, Superb comfort, Impeccable design - a timeless classic antique sofa thats really perfect for every day living.

Biedermeier Sofas are now all the rage. We sell them as fast as we can find them. The beauitful light colour of the golden birch veneers is a sort after interior design look. We have a fabulous selection of original Swedish antique Biedermeier sofas dating from 1840-1920 in our private showroom. Its one of the largest selections of Swedish Biedermeier pieces available worldwide. They are incredible couches with comfort, grace & elegance. The best thing is they are as comfortable to sit on as they are great to look at!

Design history

The Swedish Biedermeier design is an absolute classic and differs greatly from its German and French counterparts which are more linear and angular in approach. The Biedermeier period starts in Sweden around 1820 with the accession to the throne of King Karl Johan (who strangely enough was actually french!) and so it is also known as KJ or Karl Johan furniture. This also coincided with the beginings of the rise of the merchant class in Sweden so you see the sumptuous designs being prevalent across the Swedish geographic area from 1820 really until the the 'Jugent'/ Arts & Crafts movement of the early 1900s. Biedermeier sofas would have been found in every formal parlour in Sweden in delicately woven fabrics and broad powerful stripes.

Swedish Biedermeier sofas are more subtle and curvaceous in presentation than their German and European counterparts with stunning detailing and master craftsmanship. They would have taken pride of place in their owners parlours and show little marks of use other than some veneer rippling due to wood movement over the ages.

The details include the use of ormulu posts and roundels, delicate hand carved wood and gesso decorative features and swooping curves around the arms and feet. Very expressive and artistic pieces with the highest levels of presentation.


They are deeply upholstered with sprung or padded bench seats, side and back pads making them really good to sit on – the antique Biedermeier sofas we find in Sweden often still contain the original straw stuffing. Most unusual! We replace this with horsehair/natural fibre mix to make these sofas really comfortable to relax on and build the seat up to a perfect dome which looks great and is the mark of a well upholstered couch.

They are usually constructed from birch frames with top grade golden birch veneers with lots of figure and movement. These are real examples of teh craft that has been lost to our modern world in their design and the execution. The show wood veneers are absolutely 3D in appearance are are stained in a variety of colours from ight honey thru mid oak to a darket mahogany. They were then frnch polished to a high level of finish giving them a real lustre.

Our Biedermeier sofas tend to be between 160-240cm long and about 60-70cm deep and about 1m high with detachable back that make it easy to upholster them – the thick padded seats and backs and optional matching bolsters mean they are great for sitting or lying across and relaxing. So whether you want a sofa for a formal drawing room or for lounging in your living room, they are the perfect match.

As the design is so timeless, you can really change the feel of the sofa by your choice of fabric - a modern fabric will make them blend into modern design setting with a visual appeal that you cant find in modern equivalents or a traditional fabric makes them more statuesque and 'old school'. The choice is yours

We provide a full upholstery service for all our Biedermeier sofas and couches – we’ll let you know how much fabric and gimp we need and they get a full seating renovation during the reupholstery.

So how do you choose?



Other than the obvious 'will it fit the space?', think about how you want to use the Biedermeier sofa. This will affect the depth of sofa seat you choose. For example if you want to lounge across it, you want a deeper seat whereas a more formal sitting sofa would benefit from a more narrow one. Some of our most formal antique sofas are only 60cm while the deepest are about 85cm deep and so perfect for that afternoon nap.


Do you want fancy figured show woods like golden birch or maple or something plainer? We occasionally find sofas with an elm veneer which is very rare- it has a lot less figure that the other woods and gives the sofa a distinctively different feel. For something eye ctaching, birds eye maple veneers finished in a light honey stain are amazing to look at and really 'POP' visually in an interior setting.


As we noted above, the Biedermeier colour palette goes from the very light almost yellow honey colour (often associated with the birds eye maple veneers beloved of Elton John) through a mid oak to darker mahogany. So you need to think about how it will sit within your room design and also how it will show off your fabric. For example, In a light colour scheme room, the sofa can really stand out visually if you choose a darker stain veneer and striking fabric and do remember it is much easier to repolish to a darker tone than it is to lighten it if you change your mind.


Its all down to choice of fabric - that will change the visual footprint of the sofa completely so do you want cutting edge modern designs or traditional? Really makes a big difference which way you go. Many of our clients choose to upholster their sofa in leather - we only source the best grade of leather hides and its a realplaseure to sit on. Ask for for a choice of available colours and prices.


1820-1920 - the oldest sofas are less durable obviously and better for show but anything from around 1850 onwards will be strong enough to take regular daily use and still look and feel amazing for daily sitting.

How many people?

The antique biedermeier sofas we have for sale go from approx 160-240cm. So work out wheter you want your sofa to seat 2, 3 4 or 5 people and we can help you choose the right length. Most sofas are around 2m seating 4 side by side so a larger sofa will seat 5+ and a smaller sofa 2-3 people depending on the length. for prices and further information

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