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We specialise in original period 1920, 1930s, 1940s Swedish Art Deco armchairs,Art Deco tables, Art Deco dining chairs, Art Deco sofas, Art Deco club chairs, Art Deco alcoholiste fluted back chairs, Art Deco dining tables, Art Deco sideboards, Art Deco armoires, Art Deco mirrors, Art Deco side tables, Art Deco carver chairs and Art Deco beds.

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Swedish Art Deco Furniture

Stunning style and timeless appeal - Swedish Art Deco furniture has a both romantic and modernist look that works in every setting. 

Art Deco furniture is highly desirable and now a very rare commodity as it was only made for a short period from about 1920 onwards. It is prized for its stunning light golden birch, cherry wood and birds eye maple finishes and is a staple of the Miami look and of course one of the favorites of Elton john.

We specialise in sourcing unique Art Deco furniture pieces direct from Sweden - in particular Art Deco sofa, tables, armchairs and dining chairs.

Its a great look and the construction of these pieces is second to none. Usually a birch or pine frame clad in the finest show wood veneers and highly polished.

Our Art Deco sofas tend to be between 150-200cm long with deep fully sprung seats in either a show wood or lacquered black finish and often feature wonderful curves and curvaceous arms. The deep upholstery makes them very comfortable for every day use and you can make them fit perfectly into most design environments by the right choice of fabric.

Our best seller is of course the  famous Art Deco armchairs with their bentwood arms and very deep sprung seats. The greatest and most comfortable design of armchair you will find anywhere and so much nbetter than modern foam filled alternatives. The quality of construction means that they go on and on - in most cases they seem as good as when they were first made almost 100 years ago.

Art Deco tables are particularly special. Som eof teh dropleaf tables we have  show such an amazing depth of quilt and flame in the wood. It makes them 3D in appearance and the light honey stain helps bring out the effervescence in the wood.

A speciality of Swedish Art Deco is the marquetry inlay known as 'Intarsia' . This beautifully detailed hand inlaid marquetry uses classic greco roman themes for its designs set into chair backs table tops and edges or sofas frames. Beautiful to look at and a perfect blend of ancient and modern.

Art Deco Furniture Care guide

The french polished finishes on Swedish Art Deco furniture are very delicate so you must be very careful when cleaning and maintaining them.

  • Dont use any abrasive cleaners with acidic or alkali content
  • Only use soft cloths - cleaning with a circular motion and not pressing too hard
  • Specialist furniture polish is better to use ratehr than normal supermarket brands
  • Be careful not to scratch the veneers but if you do a light scratch cover will usually hide the damage
  • Keep the underseat webbing on your Art Deco sofas and armchairs maintained as teh webbing supprts teh seat and spring assembly and provides the form seating that make them so great to sit on for prices and further information

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