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Swedish Dining Table Facts

Antique Swedish Gustavian & Biedermeier Dining Tables

Gustavian dining tables are as popular as ever – their classic timeless style and solid construction makes them a firm favourite amongst interior design fans and designers. Unlike modern dining tables that vary so much in construction and finish, antique dining tables create a unique feel – especially extendable Gustavian dining tables. 

Because of the design and the decoration they feature, these antique dining tables can fit both traditional and supra modern dining rooms with equal aplomb. Repaint them in matte black with a high lacquer finish or crazy neon pink and they will be fit to grace any modern apartment while using a traditional chalky paint and colour will enhance the sense of heritage and history.

Dining Table sizes

The antique and 1900s Gustavian and Biedermeier dining tables we have in stock are extendable with between 1-4 leaves that you can add to increase the table length when you need it or leave them set up as you prefer. Most Gustavian dining tables are approx 110-140cm unextended seating a comfortable 4 but some can go up to 4m with extra extension leaves seating 16-18 people. We prefer the early 1900s Gustavian dining tables as they have a structural solidity that isn’t found in the earlier 1800s tables. Certainly the earlier tables are very pretty but they are really for show whereas the later tables will take anything you throw at them while retaining the classic design sensibility that draws Gustavian table lovers to these tables.

You find one of 3 types of decoration usually on a Gustavian extendable dining table. Either egg and dart carved friezes on rarer models, Gustavian ribbed decoration on others and sometimes just a plain side. Legs may be either fluted and tapered with a rosette detailing at the top of the leg or more rarely a tapered pyramid leg. Its interesting to note too that on these original tables, you dont get the side friezes or decoration on the extra add on leaves – only on the main table itself.

Also very rarely you especially in the early 1900s you find extendable dining tables finished in a natural birch or mahogany veneer in a french polish finish rather than the traditional painted finish.

Bespoke Dining Tables

We can provide mixed and original sets of Gustavian,Biedermeier and Art Deco dining chairs to go with them as well as sideboards & buffets. If you are looking for something extra special or have a specific size or look in mind, we can also hand make you a bespoke dining table in our specialist workshop too to meet your exact requirements.

Random thoughts on Swedish Antique Gustavian Dining Tables

Dining en famille is now a thing of the past it seems – its more kitchen table or food grabbed in front of the TV. So our antique dining tables are more for entertaining rather than family. The decoration they have is both elegant and slightly understated and the colours you choose can really make a difference to the feeling of the table. Whether its highlighting the rosette motifs at the top of the legs, using contrasting colours on the Gustavian ribbed skirt around the side of the table or painting the table top a different colour entirely.