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1 1 A Danish Design MId Century Modern Lounge Chairs 1960s Teak AR100

Original Danish design Lounge Chairs Armchairs with slatted backs and a teak frame.
The finish is typical  oiled wood of the period and the lounge chairs have a shapely gentle curve to the arms.
Each armchair has 2 original buttoned seat and back cushions outfitted still in the original fabric that is marked in places so you will most likely need to reupholster them on arrival or we can do that for you for an extra cost.
The sort after 1960s danish design look of these armchairs is similar to the style of lounge chairs designed for example by Niels Eilersen/Ilium Wikkelso or arne weihl but we have found no manufacturers mark fitted to the chairs which are extremely high quality.
They will be checked over for structural integrity prior to shipping which takes 2 weeks and the lovely wood finish will be re-oiled as required.
This type of lounge chair matches perfectly with the current zeitgeist of interiors and you can change the feel easily by using a different  fabric when you do the reupholstery.
SKU: AR100

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