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X MC 201 Antique Danish Bornholm Mora Clock 200cm White Gold 1 Owner Provenance SOLD

This is very early 1800s Danish Bornholm Grandfather clock which has beenin the same family since it was made around 1800-1820. We received a letter of provenance confirming that it has been in his family since it was created.

Beautiful detail on it and the paint is original with no signs of overpainting that we can see and the gold detail has turned bronze with age.

It has the usual amount of cracking and wood movement for its age but its structurally sound although needs delicate handling

A little bit of history – Bornholm clocks were built by fisherman on the isle of Bornholmon days to supplement their income in the early 1800s and i gather the backboard of this one is partly made from old herring crates.

Measures: 200cm tall.






SKU: 199-1-1

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