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Bespoke Handmade Gustavian Cane Back Bed

Our Bespoke Handmade Gustavian Cane Back Beds can be made in any size or colour for you depending on what you require

The bed in this sketch was made for a client in antique hardwoods and handpainted in farrow and ball with a slatted bed base. The cane headboard was hand caned by our specialist master caner and we included a variety of decorated detail.

We can make a bed just like this for you or create a unique design incorporating all the details and design ideas you want for your specific bed. Incidentally ee do not recommend painting the cane as it makes it go brittle but we can do so if you wish.

Why dont you contact us to discuss what your perfect can back bed would look like , how it will match your bedroom decor and any special features you would like it to have?


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