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1 Bespoke Handmade Gustavian Floral Motif Bed

This bed was designed for a client who loved simplicity and elegance. They had a set space for the bed and it needed to be beautiful but not overpower the room as a whole.

We included lovely details including the carved floral motif on the footboard, scalloped gustavian feet and rosette details to provide lots of visual interest without being too fussy. Handmade out of antique pine and handpainted in fired earth, our client adored this bed.

We can make one like this for you too. Your own Bespoke Handmade Floral Motif Gustavian Bed in any size or colour – so it suits you to a T and blends perfect with your environment. Why not give us a call and we can design your perfect bed together drawing on the bed youve always imagined.


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