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1 Bespoke Handmade Highly Carved Silver Gilt Coronet

A handmade bespoke bedroom coronet is the perfect way to visually accessorise your bedroom, whether a simple country one in a painted finish or a highly carved nod gilded coronet with hanging silk fabrics swooshing down to the bed head.

The bespoke bedroom coronet you see here was designed and handmade in our artisan workshop to match a superlative Californian super king bed. We used wonderful plaster acanthus leafs handed gilded in silver, carved shield and flower motifs and lovely half beading to creat a unique and eye catching coronet.

On every coronet we design and make, we work with you to create the vision you have in your head in sympathetic colours to your bedroom decor and in any size you like. This is a coronet you will want to keep for life, that finishes your bedroom look perfectly and can be made to look as old or new as you wish.

give us a call to talk through what you’d like in a bedroom coronet and we will design one just for you .


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