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Swedish Interior Design

1600s rhone french charentaise fireplace

We have had a bumper year this year at Swedish Interior Design.


While the design sheep of the world has been falling over themselves chasing 60s Swedish Modern and now 80s Italian furniture, we have been steadily selling large number of antique mora clocks, Swedish Biedermeier sofas, Gustavian dining tables and lovely Art Deco armchairs.

The design classics never go away and people of taste continue to create stunning interiros with mixtures of these amazing furniture pieces.

Swedish Gustavian dining chairs are always popular and we have seen a steady rise in interest for the beautifully veneered Swedish Biedermeier dining chairs and matching extendable dining tables.

The colours of the Biedermeier style, especially the much loved honey colour french polish finish, are extremely adaptable and can be used easily in both traditional and modern design environments.

With a Biedermeier sofa or art deco armchairs, your choice of a modern design fabric transforms the piece into something that can sit comfortably alongside the current vogue for swedish modern furniture and Biedermeier tables with their luscious golden birch quilted and tiger stripe veneers just shine alongside the plastic, metal and leather of the other designs.

Of course people keep buying antique mora clocks because they are just so unique – they provide a very cool design statement in any location and draw the eye immediately like any great piece of art.

You can also enhance the versatility of a mora clock by having us repaint it for you – they look incredible in a modern colour tone and we are often asked to hand paint a mora clock in using a farrow and ball or little green colour that will complement the owners interior to perfection.

Of course on some mora clocks, the original paint is sacrosanct but where a clock las had an early 1900s repaint / refresh as some have when they were passed onto the next generation, you don’y devalue the clock in any way by changing the colour to your preference.