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Swedish Interior Design

antique swedish art deco armchairs pair

With 2020 comes a new vision of interior design based around the innate beauty and elegance of the swedish art deco armchair.

Out goes the boring teak and flat brown of Swedish modern and 60’s plastic – why did it ever come back? It was bad enough the first time but there is no accounting for taste I guess.

When creating your living room, bear in mind that for most people space is more limited than it used to be as apartment living rather than houses are more prevalent and so your choice of sitting furniture means that space, style and comfort must all feature equally strongly in your final decision.

So why choose a pair of swedish art deco armchairs with perhaps a matching sofa?

Firstly they are unbelievably well made with a strong frame that creates the base for your sitting position. This provides a solid setting for the deep sprung hand stuffed seat with the 5″ copper coil springs that form your sitting posture. Then you are equally supported by the webbed stuffed back so that sitting for a long period is a pleasure not a back ache.

The universally loved design of the swedish art deco armchairs is partly because they take fabric so well. By that I mean that whatever fabric you choose, the swedish art deco armchairs will cat as the perfect embodiment of that style.

So for example they work as well with a super modern highly patterned stars and stripes fabric as they do with a classic mono coloured linen.

Try a fabric style contemporaneous to the age of the chairs ( 1930s) with an art deco inspired heavy geometric pattern that comes straight out of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” or use a crazy orange and brown 1970s check or 1980s white leather look.

They will all work and you will sit comfortably for ever wondering what took you so long to make the decision to buy your swedish art deco armchairs from us at