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madeleine lee endometriosis hystorectomy with antique dolls & rocking chairs ewa walla

Well we are shortly going to get the brexit no sensible person wants and when I survey the rest of the world, i can’t say it is in much better shape.

Trump in the USA, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Putin in Russia, Ping in China, Nutters in the Fillipines and Indonesia, mad mullahs in Iran, the saudi playboy prince, the far right in eastern europe, orban in hungary.

When did the world get this fucked up? It seems like we have all been asleep at the wheel while the lunatics really have overtaken the asylum.

The abortive Impeachment in the USA seems certain to confirm Trump with 4 more years to further screw up the world to the point maybe of irrevocable harm.

Putin wants to stay in power seemingly forever as does the Chinese premier as they go for land and power grabs on an unprecedented scale – oops there goes the arctic and the amazon rainforest.

What will we tell our grand kids when they see what a mess we made on our watch – the climate seems to have hit an irrevocable turning point and the evidence in Australia is plain to see even if the pig headed stupid Australian prime minister and his cronies refuse to see what is happening in front of their eyes.

So maybe Boris is all that bad after all when you look out from the white cliffs of Dover – one can only hope that he will actually be more thoughtful , intelligent and compassionate that he appears.

If not, then we are all in trouble. We will have to wait and see whether the UK becomes awash with cheap american chlorinated chicken, expensive drugs as Big Pharma takes over the NHS and our fishing grounds are fished to extinction in a battle with EU fleets.

Anyone got a bunker somewhere we can all move into? Last one in don’t forget to lock the door.