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Leaving the EU is the stupidest decision the UK public has ever made but then thats no surprise really.

Why would you voluntarily agree to reduce your economy by 8-10% for no other benefits that keeping out foreigners and supposedly ‘being your own boss’.

In todays fractured world, we need to be a part of the euro bloc to combat the rising influence of China and Russia especially as the USA is imploding. The C20th was one of US dominance but no more – the world is increasingly influenced by the far east and russia and the rise of the autocratic right as we see across europe.

Thos people who care about social values and caring for the wider community need to stand up and be heard now.

We can only hope that the Brexit fire puts itself out and article 50 is revoked so that common sense can prevail and the idiots like farage slink back into their jingoistic holes.

If you want a better country and a better world it is time to concentrate on collaboration and support in a world of shrinking resources instead of the current widening of the resource gap where the super rich get richer and those at the bottom of the ladder find it harder to make ends meet.

I keep reading how London is now so far ahead of the rest of the UK in terms of affluence it is no wonder that people are angry and feel forgotten but throwing your toys out of the pram with a Brexit that will only benefit the hedge funds and tycoons is not the way to do it.

We can only hope that sense prevails but the flames of anger are still being fanned by the press and continued lies from the current hard right conservative leave motivated administration so the result is surely in the balance.

If we get this wrong, it will blight the UK for a generation, reducing the choices and quality of life for all its inhabitants – so be careful what you ask for