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Well. This is the last stone in the collapse of the UK as a world force.

The Uk is now led by an arrogant, useless, selfish, shallow liar who is pretending that he gives a shit about anything other than himself.

Just a puppet for the controlling interests behind the scenes who can’t wait to feather their own nests and strip the UK bare under the real PM D Cummings esq. Have you ever seen a creepier looking guy?

So what will the UK look like in 5 years time? Will its still even be the UK or just England and wales?

Who can blame the Scots for wanting their freedom to remain as part of Europe and be self sustaining ( altho I can’t see how that actually works in practice economically).

And now with more nationalists than unionists in the N.I assembly, will Ireland be reunited as a whole country?

As the shadow masters behind clown BJ seek to create a new Britain in their own image, how the ill educated and stupid brexit supporters of the North will come to rue their ill advised actions.  BJ and cronies don'[t give a shit about their Northern cousins and as the NHS reaches meltdown point and services continue to degrade, the flat cap brigade will reap what they have sown.

The british never were very bright, which is what sustained the Empire for all those years. The cannon fodder of the poor stupid working doing the bidding of the Rich for the better good of a country that they never really saw the benefit from.

So it hasn’t really changed much has it?

All we can hope is that out of the new generation, a viable political alternative will grow that is more interested in the good of the country as a whole and specifically combatting the climate emergency.

I’m glad to see Corbyn crushed – what a prat. Makes me realise that Tony Blair really wasn’t as bad as all that by comparison.

And Jo Swinson? Out of her depth but nice – Bye Bye Lib Dems. The end of an era.