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I accidentally watch the launch of the labour party manifesto the other day.

I’ve been burnt by Labour before – back in the day, Tony Blair seemed to be the answer to a terrible Tory government. Fresh Ideas, Fresh Faces & so I thought a new kind of politician.

Wrong – As with so many others, it was just a case of emperor’s new clothes and was all appearance and little substance driven by Blair’s ego and greed. Iraq war? Shame on him.

Anyway listening to the Labour manifesto, in a world where right wing bastards like Bolsonaro, Trump , Putin, Orban & the buffon Johnson threaten our very existence, I heard things that seem to show potentially a new way forward. That a government might be able to work measures that help the many and not just the rich few.

That the country could become a place where things worked for the people and not just hedge funds, millionaires and Big company CEOs.

Nationalisation is always a thorny issue as it really really didn’t work in the 1970s – I know because I lived through it in the pre Thatcher years.

But if it were done as Corbyn suggests where everyone is involved and its not just creating another set of rule bound monoliths sounds appealing. Assuming it can really be done. Quite frankly the railways, post, utilities work only for benefit of Directors and Shareholders treating customers with contempt and leaching money from government anyway. So what is to lose?

The fine words on Nurses, defending the NHS, the environment & other measures sound good if they can be made to work but as with many others the problem for me is Corbyn.

He has had his image rebrushed in an attempt to make him avuncular and like your favourite grandpa. Well no one is falling for that.

He is old school almost marxist labour at heart , surrounded by a cabal who aren’t much better than the arch devil dominic cummings and his creeps on the tory side.

He is like a 2nd rate rate Michael Foot (which isnt saying much is it). And he just comes across as untrustworthy because he seems to be pretending. While Boris Johnson just baldy lies to everyone’s face and makes it up as he goes along in his ego driven battle to rule the world, Corbyn sits squarely on the fence and just refuses to say what he really believes. I’m not suer what is worse – the outright lier or the covert lier. One who says nothing so he cant be challenged on his real beliefs.

Again we fell into that trap with Tony Blair and we can’t afford to do that again now can we.

Clearly Corbyn wants to leave Europe but he sits on the fence rather than being honest and it’s the prevarication that I think will cost Labour the chance of Government.