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Swedish Interior Design

swedish gustavian dining table for sale 3

The fickle wheel of fashion revolves at an ever increasing speed.

once it was 2 seasons a year , then four and now things change almost on a monthly basis. It really is a buyers world out there except people don’t really know what they want and change their style and possessions faster than socks.

Bit sad really as I think people no longer have an appreciation for craftsmanship, quality materials and the time it takes to create something really worthwhile. To make something really well, you need time to plan it in detail, let the materials sit, let it rest once it has been put together and the paint or finish has had time to really dry properly before rushing it out the door.

In other words the opposite of cheap chinese manufacture that is the bain of our existence – good for the chinese business owners perhaps but terrible for the environment, climate, the people working in the factories and over a longer period – US!

Fortunately all the antique swedish biedermeier sofas and furniture we sell as well as the art deco armchairs and gustavian pieces & mora clocks have a longevity that will keep them in superb condition until the next cycle of love comes around again.

You just need to keep them in good order being careful that they don’t dry out in overly centrally heated houses – who needs to live with the heating at 21C? Crazy. But many people do and its very very bad for any wood furniture you may own so be careful.

Of course the current mind set of buy it cheap, get bored, throw it away, buy it cheap get bored more quickly throw and throw it away just isn’t sustainable or morally justified in the current eco crisis we face. So we need to think more sustainably and look at how we can reduce the carbon foot print, over use of natural resource and water.

But that is another story.