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Swedish Interior Design

Swedish art deco armchairs

When designing a sitting space, you need to be aware of both the design motif and the the utilisation of the seating area.

Is it for upright chatting in short periods, more visual and less to be used or more for long time lounging.

The key thing to remember is that modern sofas and armchairs are most often foam based in terms of the seat and back pads so that while they will be very comfortable initially, they will relatively go squishy fairly quickly as the foam degrades.

This is because so much furniture is now made in China with cheap materials under the upholstery so although your armchairs may look fantastic on initial viewing , the likely hood is that there is some pretty shoddy workmanship and materials underneath.

Thats why we love swedish art deco armchairs – the construction by master craftsmen is exemplary with quality materials used throughout with the solid old growth birch frames providing a super sturdy base for the sitting experience and for the intricate sprung seat base of the armchair.

Upholstery – This is a series of huge 5″ copper coil springs supported on a cats cradle of webbing and held in place by a web of string ties. This forms the responsive firm part of the seat that is then covered with the seat padding – usually in this case natural fibre or horsehair with a layer of white felt and cortel to hold it in place.

The back pad is usually of a similar construction with a thick pad that is made form fibre and felt supported by webbing to provide the elasticity you need for a comfortable sit.

Of course the look of these swedish art deco armchairs is what it is all about with the classic bentwood golden birch arms in a graceful curve in a honey colour, mid oak or darker mahogany french polish. The design is classic and will work in almost every design environment.