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Swedish Interior Design

One of the sad things about our modern busy lifestyle is that we don’t look after and pamper ourselves at home the way we used to.
Certainly we manage to fit in regular trips to the beauty parlour, botox and facials, nails eyebrows pedicures etc that the modern WAG culture requires. But its all outside – the home isnt the sanctuary of quiet and relaxation that it used to be – rather a resting place before going out to more selfie dominated situations. Its all rather shallow really.
We still believe every woman deserves a boudoir/dressing room where she can relax in her own private space, have everything she loves to hand, with proper makeup lighting and comfy sitting position on a beautiful chair. Its good for the soul.
A classic antique Gustavian or Biedermeier dressing table provides a fantastic centre for every dressing room. Beautiful to look at and magnificently crafted by master craftsmen, the antique dressing tables give you all the storage space you need and stunning old glass mirrors – sometimes one or as many as 3 on the larger Swedish Gustavian dressing tables and the 2 smaller mirrors can swing out so you see yourself from the front and sides – very handy.
3 mirror antique gustavian dining table
You find the 1800s and early 1900s antique Gustavian dressing tables in several sizes. The 3 mirror ones are as wide as 140cm and can be very high at about 170cm with very ornate carved detail, fluted or rococo legs, patterning around the drawer fronts and finished in a chalky painted finish. It wasn’t until about 1920 that the Gustavian pieces started being sprayed in the classic Gustavian grey green colour with a very light thin spray lacquer topcoat.
Smaller Gustavian dressing tables would have a single mirror and be rather less ornate in design so they didnt overpower the space around them – but equally functional. Given that people have less space in modern living, this makes the smaller antique dressing tables very popular.
rare winged painted gustavian dressing table
Biedermeier dressing tables are a different design. Usually with french polished flame or quilted golden birch veneers over a birch frame.They can be both very detailed with marquetry inlays and carvings on the drawer fronts or a much simpler country design – either way very beautiful indeed
Golden birch 1800s biedermeier dressing table

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